1. Pharm

    Litchi Conundrum

    Being an avid Litchi fan I had a small problem today while flying a mission. The mission (waypoint) ran fine except for the last three waypoints. I had set the POI elevation to 6 feet and placed it in the center of my cousin's roof. As I flew by his house (the only house surrounded by huge...
  2. Steve_in_NJ

    Litchi not pointing at POI

    I did a mission today that involved circling a house. It had a POI right on it. The video showed the house nowhere near the center of the frame as I would have expected. See the POI placement. The house is shown at the very bottom of the frame in the 2nd picture. The house stayed at the...
  3. RCLifeOn

    How to Use Point of Interest - Video

    Hopefully someone will find this video helpful of how to use the point of interest with your DJI Phantom. For anyone who doesn't know, the point of interest (PoI) makes your Phantom fly in a perfect circle around an object. This makes a very interesting and cinematic effect!
  4. N

    Beach Vibes - testing POI with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    I couldn't believe the light when I arrived at the beach, it was a great opportunity to fly and to capture some breathtaking views of the beach and my wife and kids playing in the water. It was also one of my most relaxed flights so far, as I'm starting to get used to the controls of the drone...
  5. S

    POI jerkyness on the P4!

    Hi, Just got my P4 last week, as a backup to my Tarot 680 Pro with DJI E800 propulsion and Naza V2. Tried the POI feature today for the first time, but was sadly disappointed when I watched the video... The motion of the circle is not smooth, you can clearly see the yaw being adjusted every so...
  6. A

    Advanced poi will not start

    Hi Chaps, newbie to the Dji P3a, but not new to r/c. I have put around an hour in on the drone, and so far so good, but am having issues with the poi mode. I have deselected beginner mode, enabled multi flight mode, and when hovering, switched to 'f' mode. I have selected poi, set altitude...
  7. TKofoed

    POI Circular Image - anyone?

    Hi, I think we have all seen the stunning 360 spherical panoramas images created in PTGUI or similar software - like this The Italian Palace I am wondering if someone knows how to create a circular panorama of a POI - thinking you can circle around an object, but instead of shooting video you...
  8. S

    POI on Phantom 3

    Hi Everyone, When we do a POI on say, a building but we drop height as the Phantom goes behind it for another angle, and signal is lost, will the craft to a RTH or will it continue its mission?
  9. Docjkm

    POI with new Go app and DJI P4

    Hey all, Newbie here, but I can land on the case in 10mph wind (woo hoo) Having trouble accessing POI mode, ie, can't find it... Help!?
  10. sjp0eqt

    Lake Placid, FL Citrus Tower

    Lake Placid, FL Citrus Tower

    Jerky POI shooting in 24fps

    I was trying out some POI at the weekend shooting 1080 24fps when i watched it back on my laptop the panning round was very jerky ive done a little bit of POI in 60fps and that was fine. In conclusion am I correct in saying doing POI or yawing fairly quickly in 24fps will produce a jerky shot?
  12. iammrbt

    Two P3P's fly together (From a regional meet up)

    Earlier today air kuld and I met for the first time and flew our P3P's around together. It as good fun and I got a chance to try out some things I've been wanting. Hope you enjoy the footage.
  13. Pulsar747n

    Intelligent Flight Mode -POI- Problem!

    There seems to be an issue brought up at the DJI forum that I don't know if it has been discussed here. I think it is important to know if you are doing POI. The issue is with with the POI Intelligent Mode when you loose signal! It appears that when you loose signal, the Phantom will keep...
  14. Cthulhus

    Advanced Auto Flight Logic "Autopilot" : How to change the POI location?

    Hello, I would like to know how to change the position of the the POI ? By default the POI is set at the take off location. How to change it ? And another question, how to change the video's resolution ? By default is set on 1080p. I want to use 2.7k instead. Thanks :)
  15. 0

    Phantom 3 Pro- POI Shot

    Loving the new Features on the Phantom 3 went out and tested the POI on the Utah State Capitol Building
  16. Man And Drone

    EPIC POI Shots!

    Loving the new POI mode.. it was very difficult to replicate that manually. The new modes are great, but seem to drain the batteries very quickly.. anyone else notice this? Anyway here's some footage I shot yesterday of the POI Mode with normal footage ;) :
  17. Matt W Ruff

    Firmware update (Summary of test) LaborDay 2015

    So I spent most of the day downloading updating and then testing the new Firmware - Here is my take please add yours: The Go App and the Drone are the only things that had to be updated - The Battery and Controller don't The update took more than 10 minutes but less than 15 best guess In all...