Firmware update (Summary of test) LaborDay 2015

Aug 20, 2015
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Nashville, TN USA
So I spent most of the day downloading updating and then testing the new Firmware - Here is my take please add yours:

  • The Go App and the Drone are the only things that had to be updated - The Battery and Controller don't
  • The update took more than 10 minutes but less than 15 best guess
  • In all cases the Drone has to be flying and you have to change from "P" mode to "F" by using the switch by the Gimbal control
  • POI or Revolve around one point work great. It's a two step process first position the drone on top of the center that you one the 360 degree view. Switch to F mode and set the center point. Then move the drone out to set the radius (Mark that and then). Set a return to home hight setting and your ready to go!
  • Follow me: Set the drone high and behind you and switch to "F" mode and press the follow me and that what it will do (it works well though I'm not sure what good it is...)
  • Waypoint. This one needs some serious work. Again from a starting position at least 10 M high switch to "F" mode and press Waypoints then fly your drone to each waypoint (take as much time as you want) marking each waypoint (Last point should be close to first point) Then start the movement (I saved it as a favorite) you have control of the camera as the drone fly at a set speed from way point ONE to the LAST one.
  • I still done know what home LOCK is but maybe I'll figure it out tomorrow
If you tested the new Firmware put your summaries up!
Sep 3, 2015
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Palo Alto, California
Homelock is easy and by far my favorite one. All controls are relative to your position. Pull back on the stick and the Phantom always comes towards you. Push left and it's always to your left. Home lock makes it so easy to focus on the camera and not which way your Phantom is facing. The killer feature in my opinion.
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