phantom 3 advance

  1. donutlou

    Aftermarket Batteries for P3 Advanced

    Has anyone used aftermarket batteries for phantom 3 advanced or pro? I would like to buy a couple and remember reading that aftermarket was bad... Has that changed now that dji doesn't make them anymore? And info on brands or websites would be helpful. Thank
  2. E

    P3 adv software wont flash

    I recently got a hold of a phantom 3 advanced, I then went to a store to ask if they knew what could be wrong with it, and they said that they where pretty certain the drone was bricked. I know they have been wrong before, so I went to search on google to check if anyone else had the same...
  3. Drogon

    Can not connect remote to P3A

    Good Morning! I am having a really hard time getting my remote to connect to my drone since updating to the latest firmware. Does anyone know of a site that would have posted the previous versions of firmware? Thanks
  4. S

    Cyan colored led on P3A remote

    New to the forum and to the dji world So I just bought a used phantom 3 advanced, camera connected but did not fly. So I figured I should get everything up to date on firmware since the owner has not flown it in of 8 months. Well I thought I would start with the remote since the app said to...
  5. phxbird57

    A nice long range flight on a Winter day in Phoenix Az.

  6. R

    Phantom 3 Advance 4 sale

    Phantom 3 Advance for sale: Only used for 20mins. I currently have a Phantom 3 Professional series and currently not using this one. I would like to sell and raise money to help us help children fighting life threatening illnesses and the homeless. The package includes the basic, Drone, Blades...
  7. Phil Tuggle

    P3 Firmware Need Help! - Litchi 3.9.2 on Phantom 3 Advanced

    I have a question and a concern regarding the use of the Litchi App. I have never installed Litchi, but look forward to doing so. Basically, I need to know if someone has used a "current" Litchi App in concert with OLDER Phantom firmware. The instructions on the Litchi site indicate I should...
  8. Skyer

    Flying at the beach - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Finally got a chance to fly the Phantom next to the sea. This footage is from a recent trip to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, only a couple of weeks after hurricane Matthew... Comments, Likes, and new Subscribers are always appreciated!
  9. B

    For Sale: Phantom 3 Advance

    Looking to sell my DJI Phantom 3 Advance Bundle. Only a month old and only flown a handful of times. Works perfectly! It is a ton of fun! I am selling because I travel all the time, and it is too bulky to carry for months at a time. What is included is DJI Phantom 3 Advance ( Has Pro Shell on...
  10. T

    Lightbridge v Wifi

    HI, I currently have the P3S and am a bit disappointed with the range. Am thinking about upgrading to the P3A but just wondering if it is worth it? What is the main differences between wifi and lightbridge? and how does lightbridge work? thanks
  11. O

    HELP! Phantom 3 adv firmware update not working!!!

    We have been trying for several days to update the firmware on our new Phantom 3 Advanced to 1.9.60 with no success. Downloaded BIN file to SD card. Have tried different SD cards and reformatted SD cards. Have downloaded using Mac and Windows. Spoke with DJI tech support and they were not...
  12. Phil Tuggle

    Experience with 2.4GHz Remote Controller Interference or Conflicts?

    Being excited to have my Part 107 Remote Pilot exam passed and Certificate applied-for, I was just scouting a downtown location in a neighboring city where a company wants to hire me to shoot their property. There were no significant issues with the location or with pedestrian and vehicular...
  13. Phil Tuggle

    Map Cache vs Pilot App and Firmware Updates

    Tomorrow i will be going to a remote location to do photography with my P3 Advanced. There are roads and rivers in the region, so naturally I want to cache a map of the area. First time for that. Great... BUT....Sitting here at home before the trip to "cache the location" on my (Android)...
  14. SenginUK

    My DJI P3A Flew away just now :( what to do?

    Hi, During the live streaming via periscope it warned me as GPS lost (it was 50-60 meters far from me with 30 meters altitude) and it immidiately started to drift opposite direction, I made RTH but did not work it continued drifting to the other direction. I was receiving the video image on my...
  15. phxbird57

    Filming my Buddies R/C plane

    This was my 5 attempt at filming my buddies planes in the air. Biggest problem I did not bring my tablet and he forgot his. so I was doing it from a 4.5 inch phone. Trying to see the plane was next to impossible. Most all of it is from line of sight. Pointing the drone where the plane is. This...
  16. Tony Walker

    damaged P3A Camera

    Hi, I have just experienced a collision with my P3A, Some low flying across a field and barbed wire from a hedgerow caught the leg and slammed it in to the side of the hedge. The camera has been broken off the gimbal. I found it some distance away from the aircraft. Question: Is this a self...
  17. Bob Hyslop

    compass - can it go out of calibration in flight ?

    Hi all, Bit of a silly question I guess but I need to find out (before I make a massive dent in something expensive). Once the compass has been successfully calibrated before flight could it go out of calibration during a flight if you got too close to something with loads of steel such as a...
  18. ReaperCrewMadden

    Phantom 3 Advance for Sale

    Like Brand New DJI Phantom 3 Advance with Every Accessory!!! - DJI Phantom 3 Advance (looks Brand New) Accessories Include - HDMI Output Module (Phantom 3 Pro/Adv) = Retails ay $99.00 - Phantom 3 - 100W Battery Charger(Charges batteries faster) Also includes the standard Charger = Retails at...
  19. ReaperCrewMadden

    Phantom 3 Advance for sale

    Like Brand New DJI Phantom 3 Advance with Every Accessory!!! - DJI Phantom 3 Advance (looks Brand New) Accessories Include - HDMI Output Module (Phantom 3 Pro/Adv) = Retails ay $99.00 - Phantom 3 - 100W Battery Charger(Charges batteries faster) Also includes the standard Charger =...
  20. KC4E

    I broke the ribbon cable for the remote

    I broke my ribbon cable from the main board to the con board. I was hoping some one would be able to help me find a new or used one. I am going to try and attach pictures. thanks for the help.