1. HomeyJay

    Phantom 3 pro purchase. Can you help please?

    im looking to get into flying drones but I’d rather not spend too much money on this as it may all end in tears or non-usage! I’ve seen a bunch of P3 pros on Facebook and a few local sites going for around £400, which is at the very top end of my budget. Is there anything that I should look out...
  2. ScholarOfLife

    My Phantom P4 does not obey controls

    A newbie needs some advice. Procedure I'm following 1. start Android tablet with appropriate software 2. make sure it's connected to wifi 3. turn on the control unit (short + long button press) 4. turn on the drone (short + long button press) 5. on tablet issue Take-off slide 6. try controls...
  3. PhantomForePlay

    Proud new Drone Daddy!

    It's a P4P Obsidian! Hello to all of you PhantomPilots out there! I am not new to DJI Drones but I am brand new to the Phantom family. I was incredibly bummed this week when my Mavic Pro clipped a tree and fell 40 feet to the ground, ouch! :( I do have Care Refresh though, so a new one will...
  4. Imaybail

    Hello Drone Community

    Just bought a Phantom 3 last Saturday and have flown it about five times now. Found this forum and I am looking forward to learning how to fly and exploit all the features of my AC. I hail from Georgia, 63 years old, retired, and kinda a gadget guy, but totally in over my head right now.
  5. spiritburner

    Trying to identify model of Drone

    The other day I was given a Phantom unopened box with a untouched drone in it, it was a present for someone who apparently didn't want it, well i am a landscape and surveying photographer and would very much like some help in identifying which model phantom it is, I think it is a 1 , Its brand...
  6. L

    Newbie Mistakes

    So I got my Phantom 4 and I have had it for a week and this day It was night time and I wanted to get a pic of the moon as it was full and it had clouds overlaying. it was an awesome pic. So I hurry home get on my bike grab my drone and head to the park. I get her all setup and in the air. Go...
  7. kaligiy83

    searching for cloud 9 (like a beginner)

    I’m a newbie- no doubt about it. I’m also having fun learning the ins and out of drone piloting/ photography. Check out my footage - feedback welcomed!
  8. N

    weak controller signal - won't start at all

    I hadn't used my drone for a while and went out yesterday and got all set up and the weak controller warning came on, would not even start the drone. Went home, looked up some info and decided I should update the firmware. That did not help, it took about one hour to update. I charged the...
  9. S

    Orlando Checking In, (stuck in Florence, AZ for next 4 weeks)

    Been wanting to try out a drone for a few years, been a RCer for last 30 years. Land, Sea, and Air. Found a excellent deal at a pawn shop here in AZ. Got a P3S for 250 with an extra battery. Will be back in Orlando, Mid Aug, and looking forward to meeting some of you central Florida Pilots.
  10. Inno68

    Hi From Astoria NY

    Hello , I am new to the Forum, I do Automotive Photography. I am getting re-introduced to Drone Photography and Video. I had the Vision Plus 2 before, I crashed it twice and rebuilt the gimbal and camera. When I went to replace the camera and they wanted 675.00 at the time in 2015 I never...
  11. Tony Maden

    Newbie Overland Park, KS

    Howdy chaps, another newbie here, learning to fly p3 std in OP/KC area. Just sold my DSLR's last week, trying P3 as new photo/video hobby :)
  12. S

    A Hello from Southampton, UK

    Hello everyone. I'm from Southampton, UK and I am loving my recent drone purchase. I started off with the Phantom 3 Standard, for a couple months to see how I would find the drone. I loved it so much I got rid of it and upgraded to the Phantom 4. It is truly amazing how fun and easy they are...
  13. Phantom3Newbie


    Hey peeps. New to Phantom 3. Things are going pretty well so far. I have not messed with many features as of yet. Keep it with in 100-150 feet around me. Ill be getting more aggressive as it goes forward learning the P3. One of my motors is squealing during flight. Pretty annoying however it...
  14. S

    Hello from Dublin, Ireland. P4P

    Hi. I'm new to the drone world but have been bitten by the bug. Based in Dublin (north), I'd love to meet other enthusiasts. Taking this seriously, I have registered with the USA and am doing my ROAD training this weekend. Flying a Phantom 4 Pro and loving it!
  15. J

    New Phantom 4 Pro

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum so perhaps I can get good advice. Yesterday I purchased my DJI Phantom 4 Pro, I started taking baby steps in flying & so far I have to get used to the controller. My question is how can I take those awesome cinematic shots that I've been seeing on YouTube? I've...
  16. L

    Step by step.... out of the box...

    So.... finally took down the dusty box with my old new Phantom 1 (P330). Bought this back in August 2013 but never got round to taking it out of the box I figure there won't be much in resale value so I may as well hook it up and take it out for its maiden voyage. Created this thread as I'm...
  17. J

    This is becoming addicting...

    I've owned my P4 for around 6 months now and I'm loving what all this bird can accomplish and can't the PhantomPilots community enough for their guidance and support with any and all questions that I've had. Truly y'all are awesome. So I figured I'd try and show with the community what I've been...
  18. D

    Newbie in Brisbane, Australia

    Hi everyone! We live in Brisbane, Australia and have a brand new Phantom 3 4K that we are so keen to fly BUT get constant errors when attempting the first automatic take off. I'll be scouring this site for help!! If anyone knows someone/somewhere we can get a few lessons from, let me know...
  19. J

    Central Florida shots

    Some shots I've gathered over the past few months.
  20. M

    Hello Everybody! First video

    Hello everybody I'm from Orlando FL and recently purchased a phantom 4! I currently have 15 hrs of flight time logged and finally made my first video! Please leave feedback and enjoy!