1. F

    New member here..mapping and maps

    Hello everyone I came here to learn about my phantom 4 pro. Right now I’m curious as to what maps and mapping are for and how to do this with the DJI go 4 app. Thanks in advance.
  2. David Cooke

    NEW MAPS - New Sat Photos?

    Anyone not happy with the new maps . . or is it just me. Seems like DJI has just changed the map supplier and it's not good. For one the app opens with a MAP of the Entire WORLD every time and I now have to pinch zoom back into the local area. If I select a satellite view or Hybrid there are...
  3. D

    Maps and internet .

    Newbie question. The last two times I flew my P4P with iPad I had no maps. Once I got back home, and on internet, I had the map from the areas I flew show up. So Iam guessing I need internet to have a map show on the screen, is that the case?
  4. P

    orientation indicator

    I am flying Pro 4+ with Go app. I am assuming that the red arrow on the map is to show orientation of drone. If this is so, then mine is not accurate. Should I calibrate something?
  5. Kristina Fowler

    Best Ortho Map hosting service

    Greetings - I'm looking for a simple way of uploading Orthomosaic JPG's (500-1,000 images) to an online hosting site so clients can view their maps (free or a modest license cost). Just scratching the surface on this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I would rather NOT use MME or a service...
  6. P

    Calculating Workable acres

    Hey, everyone, looking a purchasing a Pro 4 to be able to calculate how many workable acres we have in each field, can I access this on the system platform or would I need an outside expensive software like drone deploy? Forgive me if it's a stupid question I am new to drones
  7. Riley Lake

    Maps Problem solution for Go4

    Guys, I stumbled upon this last night, and I haven't seen it anywhere here on Phantom Pilots so I thought I'd pass it along. DJI Mindy has the temporary fix in post #3 of this thread: Temporary Fix for Maps Problem in Go4 Hope this helps everyone out, it got the maps back on my equipment!
  8. dewein

    Even after today's firmware update, still no maps on P4P+

    How do I delete a thread?
  9. dewein

    Even after today's firmware update, still no maps on P4P+

    I was so excited to see a firmware update that claimed to specifically address the issue of no maps. After installing it, no maps After 2 factory resets, no maps Yes, WiFi is on and connected When I'm in the "Offline Map Download" screen, I get "Network Unavailable" I've read through all of...
  10. R

    Caching multiple "map locations in Litchi

    First let me say I'm sorry if this post should go somewhere else. Background. I don't do a lot of flying for fun. I do real estate photography and, over a year ago, some of my clients starting asking if I was going to start offering aerials. So, I got into quads, went through several models...
  11. W

    Plotting P4P photos on a map

    Does anyone know how to take a single P4P still photo and plot it on map with the correct coordinates? Thanks, Jeff
  12. M

    Traveling to Jamaica

    I will be taking my Phantom 4 to Jamaica in June and won't have WiFi. I was wondering what to do about maps? And/or any other advise that all of you pros could give to help me make this a smooth vacation with the first trip with my drone.
  13. A

    Top 10 Places to Fly a Drone for Most Cities

    Hey y'all - we've put together a number of Top 10 Places to Fly a Drone lists for cities across the US. Check it out and let me know what you think. Also - let me know if any need to be updated due to new ordinances or laws. Some (like Los Angeles) definitely need to be updated and I'm working...
  14. A

    Flying for the first time

    Flying for the First Time - Blog Hey y'all - I work for Hivemapper - an awesome drone mapping company in the Bay Area. I am jumping into the drone community and trying to: meet as many drone pilots as I can; help spread the word about how awesome drones are; introduce Hivemapper to everyone...
  15. Techcop50

    Satellite map images not loading on P4P Plus

    Anyone else experiencing this problem? If I boot the Plus controller up by itself (no UAV online), it shows great maps for China. But if I start the aircraft and get a GPS lock, it bounces over to my location with just very basic maps, and the satellite images don't zoom in at all, just gives...
  16. R

    DJI Go map scaling

    Does anyone know if there is a way to save the scale of the Google map in DJI Go? I've got one of the buttons on my controller set to switch between the map and the on board camera. The problem is that if I set the map to a scale that suits me and then switch to the camera and back again the map...
  17. dropke

    Amazon Fire users and DJI Go

    My Fire tablet is working fine for my PH3P. The only missing is , I have NO LOCATION. I already installed Google Maps on the FIRE but it does not start in DJI GO Any suggestions ? tnx