1. D

    P3S no landing Button, Transmission

    Hello everyone, happy Christmas! I have expanded my drone fleet, the DJI PHANTOM 3 Standard! Two questions I noticed after the first test flights, where I have not yet found a suitable solution to. 1. in the quick description you can see a button that initiates the landing from vertical...
  2. Paffe

    Easy fix?

    Hey there, I was today up hiking in Iceland with my Phantom 3 Advanced. I was just about to bring the AC down on a flat spot, however before the AC could get there, the critical battery warning made the AC land in a bad spot, making it flip upside down, omstructing the motor and stopping. This...
  3. Imf44

    RTH Not landing where its supposed to land

    Hi Im new here, i recently got a P3S and when i went to my friend's house i, as usual, set the RTH Position, i flew for like 15mins,When i started RTH ,but it slowly started to get away from me,i was looking to where the drone is going and i saw it was going to my house. Any suggestions? -Total...
  4. S

    Please Help!!

    We took our P3P of for a flight today, first time in about 3 weeks. We started her up, calibration done as usual and sent her up. She was up for bout 2 ni s, at a night of about 25 meters and above a river. The controller the stated “Landing”. No buttons had been pressed! We tried to cancel the...
  5. M

    Weird behaviour P3 SE at landing and range

    1# Hi guys! This weekend my P3 SE had a couple of weird behaviours. First it woudn't go more than 30m high and range, in spite beginner mode being off. Turn it on and back off and same. Change RTH height to 100m and I could now go over 30m... Next day (today) even with RTH at 100m it wouldn't...
  6. Clench M'cheeks

    Pontoons/Floats Phantom Water Landing Gear

    i recently ran across these while investigating a set of r/c airplane pontoons to affix to my phantom... Anybody have anything like on their craft? Or know anybody? The thought of water anywhere near my drone makes me nervous, but if you're flying over water it seems like a great safety device...
  7. AMAZING autonomous landing from 207m

    AMAZING autonomous landing from 207m

    While filming the balloon, I totally lost all contact with my P4P. Knowing the battery was low it needed to land. Taking off with sticks inner backwards I realize now I didn't set a home point. After having lost all control, Spike (how I named him) was on it's own. He landed on a dime.
  8. P

    Need spare part. Can't find front leg landing gear

    Aaron from QLD Australia. New to this forum and day 2 on owning a Mavic Pro. Tried sports and a lot of fun buy clipped a tree and damaged the following. Looking at the front of the mavic (camera) I have bent/damaged the right aluminum leg/landing gear. (It is held in with 3 small hex screws) I...
  9. R

    Landing Gear. Needed or over rated?

    I came across this you tube video for P3 landing gear. You tube link. Has one used this or something similar? I don't have much P3 flight time so I'm not certain if a landing gear is really needed. Thanks.
  10. Mavician

    descend and grab ?

    Hi, In some YouTube videos I see pilots descend their Phantom and let it hover at aprox. 5 ft over the ground, grab the landing support and cut the motors. As I'm going through the manual I understand you need to hold the left stick inside down together with the RTH button pressed. This seems...
  11. L

    Removing Phantom 4 Landing Gear Removal

    Hello! I am currently wondering if it is possible to remove the antenna/compass from inside the landing gear and mount it to new landking skids that i have 3d printed that will attach directly to the body. As you know, the antenna and compass are nestled right inside the upper part of the...
  12. S

    P4 "Bounce" on Landing

    I am experiencing some issues with my P4 on landing. On some but not all occasions when i have the stick down to land, when the copter get near to the ground (say 30cm) it rises up for a few seconds, then goes back down, it repeats this a few times and then lands but it lands pretty hard...
  13. K

    Landing Bombardier in Russia the northern city Noyabrsk

    Hello! This is my first post, so do not scold or better consult.... I want to share with you the northern Russia, northern cities, where producing oil and gas. Videos 4k materials in many captured. I begin with northern city Noyabrsk Landing Bombardier at the airport in 2016 August.
  14. 28wins

    Dedicated PolarPro Landing Gear thread

    Hello folks, I hand catch most often when landing but I take off from the ground, different surfaces etc. and there is no helping the rubber padding getting dirty that way. One of the chores I really dislike is having to clean the rubber pads on my P4 each time I fly and before putting it away...
  15. B

    Phantom 3 Advanced fell over on landing

    Hey guys, so I just got my Phantom 3 a few days ago and I just took it out in some light to heavy winds for the first time. So I took off just fine but then the phantom started drifting crazily so I panicked and sent the phantom to the ground I wasn't thinking and tried to turn the motors off...
  16. V

    DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Critically Low Battery Error

    Today i took the drone out of the car to film a sunset the battery was at 53% and as soon as i took it up i got a propulsion limited message which i thought was very strange, anyways i wasn't going far so i went a little further and higher and stayed there filming. Then i got a critically low...
  17. 28wins

    Dedicated Vaavud Anemometers thread

    Hello everyone - I am Tom. Today was a good day! I struggle with a major fear of taking off and flying my P4 in the wind. How do you gauge where the limit is? The Phantom can only do so much when flying in strong winds and could get carried away. So the other day I asked naively on these...
  18. Not A Speck Of Cereal

    Advice for screw-post adhesive?

    Hey all, My new gimbal / camera replacement package is coming today, so I've been working on the removing the old parts this morning. The gimbal removal was simple, especially with this helpful video (though I had to break one of the plastic gimbal clips). While waiting, I'm looking at the...
  19. I

    "No signal" in app, Gimbal non-responsive, Drone Still flies after rough landing.

    Hey everyone. I was chasing a polar bear a few days ago when the wind picked up almost immediately (God love the ocean) and I could not fly back with the amount of battery I had left. After a while I gave up on trying to fly back and decided to "crash land" on the sea ice. I did it, went home...
  20. Donald

    Motor Kill function didn't work at landing...

    Hi everyone. Twice tonight I tried to land and the typical "down and out" on the joysticks didn't kill the engine like it always has. What am I doing wrong? It's a P3A. DZ