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    Take off issue - crooked flight leading to minor crash - p3 pro

    Hello, I did my first flight today. I calibrated the compass and took off from nice even asphalt pavement. I did a few basic maneuvers and then landed with no issue. I moved over to the center of a baseball diamond I wanted to film and photo from above. (In the app, the auto takeoff option...
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    New Phantom 3 Pro failed to RTH

    Hi all I am new to the so please be nice. I purchased the Phantom 3 Pro last week whilst in the US (I live in the UK). I have had a few practice flights in my local park and have successfully taken off, flow and landed (and got some great shots already). Yesterday I took it to my parents to...
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    Landing...or not

    I've built a landing pad (2'x2' and 1/2 inch thick) that I'm using when I take off from most areas. I learned from my P2 that grass, twigs and dirt and not a Phantom's friend. but I'm having difficulty landing on my pad with any precision. I either miss or one leg gets on and one doesn't...