1. L

    H4-3D problem

    I have this problem with the h4-3d. I reset it and perform an update but the problem continues. After a few minutes it stabilizes a bit. But if I use the tilt it does it again. Some help.
  2. T

    SELLING: Dji Phantom 2 + Zenmuse H4-3D inkl 5,8 Ghz FPV Flight Kit + LCD Display

    Dear Pilots, I am selling my partly totally new partly refurbished >DJI PHANTOM 2 + H4-3D Gimbal + FPV Kit with LCD Screen<. You can buy it directly via eBay. If you are out of EU we need to agree on terms of shipment. The Auktion is here: Here the Specs: H4-3D Zenmuse (boxed as new) - ca...
  3. T

    can be closed

    Can be closed
  4. N

    Shaking zenmuse gimbal (or drone) ?

    Hello everyone, I think I need the knowledge of you guys. Here's the problem: My Phantom2 is equipped with the H4-3D gimbal. It's been working great so fat until yesterday. I can't say wether the problem comes form the drone itself of the gimbal, BUT the whole thing is very shaky (which I can...
  5. Mr BoLB

    Compatability P2+Gimbal H4-3D+Gopro4

    Hey guys My battery for my Black Pearl screen has died and I'm thinking to use my iphone 5s for video transmission from my gopro 4. Equipment: P2 gimbal H4-3D transmitter 5.8 ghz gopro 4 black iphone 5S Previously I had no issues with the transmission of video to my Black Pearl in real time...
  6. M

    Controlling Gimbal Tilt...

    I have a Phantom 2 with an H4-3D Gimbal. For a while, I've been using the more recent remote that has the tilt wheel on the upper left to control the gimbal's direction. However, I've recently switched back to my older remote that uses the switch in the back. The reason being is that on my older...
  7. Drones_Landing

    Anyone know where to get one of these?

    I recently crashed (oops!) and am in need of the top plate of the Zenmuse H4-3D Gimbal that connects to the Phantom II. I can't seem to find any on Amazon or eBay. If anyone knows where to get one or has an extra that would be great! Any help is appreciated!! :grinning:
  8. J

    FS: DJI Phantom 2 (V2.0) - 2 Avail - Like New Condition!

    Selling 2 of my Phantom 2 (v2.0) Quads - if you prefer to use your GoPro or want to flexibility of the GoPro vs the Vision or P3 camera, this is a great option! To those who prefer the capabilities and integrated DJI camera - look to the P3. Personally, I preferred to use my modified Hero4...
  9. Sp00nFedFilms

    2nd time flying!

    Took my quad out today as the sun was coming down. Not sure if anyone saw my last thread and video but I fixed the issue with my gimbal. Not sure if the software update did it, or just the fact that I remembered to trim my zip tie this time lol. Looking for tips, tricks and critique. I'm...
  10. D

    H4-3D Yaw!

    Hi! Is it possible to get the H4-3D gimbal pointing straight down?? So the angle is looking directly down to the ground from above... (see photo) Thanks in advance!
  11. S

    H4-3D Not Responding & Assist Issues

    Hey. New to the P2. I just got both the P2 and Zenmuse H4-3D and literally took it out of the box, put it all together, downloaded the Assistant onto my Mac, plugged the P2 to check if it needed any updates and it seems the Assistant didn't recognise anything being plugged in, but it said in...
  12. M

    Gimbal won't angle up or down. Help?

    Hey guys, so my gimbal used to be able to look up and down by using the knob control on the left corner of the Phantom 2 controller. Somehow, it stopped working though, and only stays at a 45 degree angle. Besides that, the gimbal works fine, it just doesn't respond to when I try to angle...