gimbal problem

  1. M

    DJI Phantom 3 Gimbal Problem

    Hi all, I'm opening this thread as a few weeks ago my Phantom 3 Standard fell from about 5mt high damaging the Y motor, lower board and landing skids. Black ribbon cable and main gimbal power terminal block (white connector) in very good condition. I purchased and replaced the above damaged...
  2. R

    Phantom 4 pro gimbal problem

    Hi everybody. I own a phantom pro from a while but suddenly when I turn it on and when the gimble starts to calibrate it stucks at an angle and does not stabilize itself. Please give advises how to fix this problem. Thank you in advance. Here is a youtube video of the problem of my drone:
  3. R

    Gimbal problem, noise and no connection to app

    Hello to all. I have the problem show in the video. Has Someone had the same issue? You can find the video on my google drive. Thank you Rohs
  4. NG Phantom

    Gimbal/camera sometimes jerking to the side during flights

    Hi, I've been having an occasional problem with the gimbal/camera jerking to the side whilst flying my P3s. I've done both IMU and gimbal calibrations but it has still happened after doing those. Some people report this issue when using ND filters and other attachments but I had nothing attached...
  5. lucasudd


    Hi! I have a problem with my p3s, it looks like its wrong calibrated or something (as you can see in the video below)... I tried many times to calibrate both gimbal and imu. Havent work. And i have never crashed the drone so there shuold'nt be any damage. What can i do? VIDEO:
  6. lucasudd

    Dji phantom 3 standard camera to gimbal problem

  7. P

    Camera/gimbal turns left durign flight

    Hi everybody, I am completely new to this whole stuff and recently bought a used P2Vision+. So nearly everything seems fine except for one small issue with the camera/gimbal. When I fly fast forward or during some winds it occurs that the camera turns left before it looks forward again. What...
  8. P

    Phantom 4A+ gimbal problem

    I've flown my Phantom 4A+ about 30 times with no incidents but this morning I decided to try to calibrate everything just because I've read that it was recommended. I did the IMU calibration successfully and then connected the drone to dji assistant 2 (for the 1st time) and checked firmware...
  9. D

    P4P Gimbal Problem?

    The new P4P seems to fly OK, but checking the video it seems that the gimbal is perhaps getting stuck when moving sideways. Check the video below, and let me know what you think. Based on many reports of a new P4P needing replacement, I want to cover my bases while still time to return. Thank...
  10. M3aerial

    I've Got A Floppy Gimbal

    I was flying a mapping mission in moderate wind (25kph), well within the scope of operating safely with the P4. It was doing a weird "bobbing" motion as it flew along, it would pitch down and then pop back up... it kept doing that repeatedly as it flew along, and then all of a sudden the video...
  11. P

    Phantom 3 Pro Problems

    Hey i have been searching help from all around internet but haven't asked here. My p3 Pro had small crash in low altitude and after changing the ribbon cable the camera/gimbal is not working properly. The gimbal shakes and goes into wrong directions. Also the image transmission shows only black...
  12. A

    P4 Gimbal Yaw Problem

    Hello, We are having a problem with P4 camera getting stuck in either left or right side. To start, we are drone and RC shop and repair service, we have sold, fixed and tested anything DJI and many more has to offer. But now we are facing this challenge. The camera is getting stuck to one...
  13. N

    Phantom 4 Gimbal Problem + Calibration Error

    i had recently purchased the phantom 4 about a week ago and it has been working fine until the gimbal started to not work. On the DJI GO app there was no warning tell me that the gimbal has a problem but on the start up, it will sometimes not move or it will move but end on a 30 degree angle...
  14. L

    H3-3D seems not responsive

    hi , I bought recently a P2 with H3-3D and go pro 4. I use it in snow and a little of it wet the bottom of the H3-3D and the ribbon allimentation cable start to smoke , I after realise the cable had been dommaged att the connection with tilt motor. So i change the cabble but the gimbal seems...
  15. D

    Gimbal "Hardware Malfunction" message

    Fellows, Trying to change some settings as gimbal roll speed, the Gimbal suddenly stops to respond the gimbal dial button. Now, the drone initialize, the gimbal goes up, down, and there it stops. On the general screen, clicking on the first line of firmware, a message appears: "Hardware...
  16. Bernie1998

    Phantom 2 Vision Plus Camera and Gimbal not working

    Ok so I just bought a Phantom 2 Vision Plus off my friend knowing that the ribbon cable and role motor were broken on the gimbal. I bought a new ribbon cable off ebay and glued the motor back into position. After hooking it back up and putting it together I turned on the phantom and nothing. The...
  17. I

    Gimbal gyroscope error

    Anyone have some iformation about this problem? How to fix it? Hi, need help. My camera gimbal started to not work in middle of my flight. Strange... 5 min ago I had little crash when landing (but not to hard). And after that it was working. First gimbal was moving like crazy and didn't start...
  18. M

    Crash and problem with the roll motor gimbal

    I had an accident recently with my phantom 3 and luckily still fly , but the camera gimbal not stabilized horizontally. (in the video you can see how it behaves ) . I disarmed the yaw motor and in that moment fell like dust parts of the magnet, that was the reason why when one moved his with the...
  19. HP Entertainment

    Phantom 3 Pro- Gimbal not Steady

    So my Phantom 3 Pro Gimbal does not seem to be activating. Its not staying steady and instead seems to shake with the Phantom 3 as it flys. The gimbal can also be easily be manipulated by touch. Any ideas what is going on? I've flown countless times and now the gimbal won't work the way it used...
  20. jpjurilla

    Phantom 3 Standard Camera Gimbal Misalignment and Motor Overload FIXED!

    I actually revised this thread I made since the earlier one was already irrelevant. The problem I raised was already solved and here's an update to my gimbal motor overload problem. I will share this here since I do not know how to delete this thread.