gimabal malfunction

  1. O

    Camera and gimbal not working

    I have a Phantom 3 Pro When i turn on the drone the gimbal never turns on and i have no video feed The rest of the drone is working as normal I have tried to unplug and replug the gimbal did not do any thing Is there a way to check if the gimbal is getting power? Edit: It has had a hard enough...
  2. B

    Everything is failing or is it me!

    I brought a second hand ps3 the gimbal pitch motor is getting extremely hot. On startup it goes crazy. I have done the quick fix of re a-line the shaft of the other motor but it’s the pitch one that heats up. I also can’t get a sd card to work I brought a new Toshiba 16 gig one and it doesn’t...
  3. L

    Gimbal Issues On Pro Camera Installed On Advanced Body

    I recently got a second hand P3A that had been crashed in April last year. It came with a Pro gimbal that had a broken arm (snapped in half, ribbon cable broken), and two Adv gimbals, other one installed and working. I don't know if the other Adv gimbal works, because stupid me already took the...
  4. S

    Need help on ps3

    I can see camera on my phone but the gimbal not moving.If I go on the setting to adjust manually calibrate it beeps the ribbon cable looks good. I think it may have been wricked but do not know.
  5. Valhalla_Bound

    Camera swings left periodically

    Hey people. I've been taking note of an anomaly that happens periodically. When reviewing my footage I've noticed the gimbal will suddenly and wildly swing to the left to the point that you see the landing strut then corrects itself. this will only happen a couple of times during flight and...
  6. 98Rangerdave

    Gimble Roll axis won't align after Yaw arm replacement.

    Good morning forum, I recently crashed my P3A and it broke the Yaw arm on it's way down. I replaced the Yaw arm but now when I turn on the drone the Roll axis won't balance out. I can still control the camera pivot up and down from the remote, however the gimble won't balanced out and even...
  7. C

    Gimbal not working properly

    I replaced ribbon, shafts line up. Gimbal and cameras acts crazy on warmup and then goes limp!
  8. K

    P3s Gimbal Noise

    After purchasing the P3 I took it for a few flights, but all off the sudden the back of the camera/gimbal started to make a shaking noise. If you touch the back of the camera it usually stops but it's just worrying. I found a video that sounds just like my issue
  9. C

    Gimbal Issue

    I am having issue with my gimbal staying level. I am wondering if anyone else has the problem and if they found any fixes. The gimbal seams to constantly change its tilt to the horizon especially after tilting the gimbal. I can yaw the drone around and the level changes as it goes around. I...
  10. R

    Camera image but no gimble controll

    Hey guys need some help with my phantom 4 adv. Last night I had thieves stealing sheep from me. So I tried to catch them red handed with my drone. I thought it would be safer filming these guys because they could be armed. What I did I put shock sensors on my fence a little spotlight on my...
  11. Carl1770

    RPG Facing the wrong Way!

    Hello All I'm a new member with possibly an old problem that I was wondering if anyone had a solution or clues to? After a minor tumble on landing, the Rotor Pixel gimble is refusing to orientate so that the camera faces forward. Instead it rotates the camera upwards and backwards to point the...
  12. easttxturtle

    gimble crazy no camera

    When I turn the aircraft on my gimble just rolls bobbles and shakes harder than I have ever seen it do. Also I have no video at all says not connected but seems everything else works fine. ?maybe a tape loose or wire? I dont know what info someone may need but I am certainly willing to get it to...
  13. A

    P3P Gimbal Malfunction After RMA Repair

    One month ago my phantom 3 pro hit a tree. I went through the RMA prossess and just recieved my phantom back today. I was very impressed with the speed, only being one month. However, my the gimbal doesnt seem to fixed. Upon startup, it swings back and forth making a loud banging sound when it...