flight logs

  1. J

    P4P: In-Flight Power Failure

    I recently had a P4P fall out of the sky for no clear reason. One moment it was flying and the next moment the motor stopped and it was in the river. If anyone can take a look at the flight log and the preliminary report (attached) and then share some insight, that would be immensely helpful...
  2. Lindsaybev

    Litchi - How Many Decimal Places Out for GPS Coordinates in .SRT?

    After reading in the forums, I noticed that the .SRT (subtitle overlay) files between the DJI Go app and the Litchi app differ in the number of decimal places the Lat and Long. coordinates. It showed the DJI Go at 4 decimal places and the Litchi at 5 decimal places. Can someone please...
  3. N

    Flight Logs ???

    Newbie here (probably will be for another year) I've read that the USB port below the front logo is used to connect the drone to your computer (mine is windows 10). I've also read (somewhere) of people on this forum retrieving flight logs from the drone and reading them to understand various...
  4. S

    Flight Logs for P4P+

    Can anyone help me download my flight log from the P4P+? I've synched to the cloud, but not sure where to go from here. Where can I log into and download the actual log? Sorry if this has been covered, couldn't find the answer via search.
  5. K

    Flight logs

    I have to admit, the process of finding out information via DJI is total !@#$%$%. There are innumerable threads on how to transfer files from here to there and view them, but why doesn't DJI just print good instructions in the first place? I've spent the last three hours on the DJI Forum...
  6. tgmaverick

    Drone Logbook not accepting DJI logs

    Since upgrading DJI Go to version 2.85, I can no longer upload flight logs to DroneLogbook.com. They have a message stating that their program can no longer parse these logs and to just use Autoflight instead. However, I have a bunch of logs that I'm just waiting to upload but not sure if I...
  7. H

    [RELEASE] [BETA] p2top3 | Phantom 2 litchi log converter

    Content deleted. Moved to p2v+ forum
  8. A

    Phantom 3 Pro How Do You Make Logs More Useful

    I am currently confused by "Flight Logs" and how to make them MORE usable and solve a problem of filing them with the FAA. I am currently using Litchi App with my Phantom 3 Pro because Litchi solves a problem of making a mission more efficient and it's Android. I've found Litchi to operate...
  9. A

    Trying to Make Flight Logs More Usable

    I am currently confused by "Flight Logs" and how to make them MORE usable and solve a problem of filing them with the FAA. I am currently using Litchi because they solve a problem for the user. That is why I will keep using them with hopes that they will solve this one. More likely than DJI in...
  10. RozBujnik

    Flight Log TXT File Contains Photos

    Uploaded the flight log txt file to healthydrones to checkup my new battery, only to find the file embeds photos taken by my phantom 3 pro, low resolution. How do I stop it? Meaning: I don't want photos in the flight log txt file. Alternatively: is there a way to strip the photos info from...
  11. WetDog

    Downloading Flyxxxx.dat info

    OK, So I'm I've hooked up everything and my PC is happily downloading the various FLYXXX.DAT files. I have 2.7 GB of log and Windows thinks it's going to take a hour to download. That's pretty darn slow for a USB 2 link (Dell XPS 13, Windows 7). Is that normal? Do I have to leave the bird...
  12. jephoto

    Clearing Logs from used purchased P3?

    I've been told that our flight logs reside on the P3 itself, not on our tablets or in the "Cloud" - first- is that true? Also - how much internal memory is there in the P3 ? Only heard it from one source & just want to verify. Second - if I purchase a used P3 from a friend, how would I - if...