Trying to Make Flight Logs More Usable

Jun 11, 2015
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I am currently confused by "Flight Logs" and how to make them MORE usable and solve a problem of filing them with the FAA. I am currently using Litchi because they solve a problem for the user. That is why I will keep using them with hopes that they will solve this one. More likely than DJI in my opinion. Is there other commercial drone operators using Litchi? If you are, I have a suggestion for you.( I hope this is acceptable, if not contact me) Flight logs need the ability to submitted to the FAA without having to import or export to some other format.

I am currently using the Drone Logbook. It is a complete log book I use for my sUA usage records. The Litchi flight logs, as is, will upload off your device and as long as you upload it as a Flytrex.CSV. DJI logs you have to upload to and then downloaded as a Flytrex.CSB. The imports are reporting the time, max speed, and date wrong (a couple others). The Drone Logbook also lets you keep your maintenance and equipment as well as other information you need to keep track of as a pro. After communicating with the developers of the Drone Logbook about the info coming in wrong, very accommodating, FYI, they would like to implement support for the Litchi App. Maybe they have already made contact? They seemed willing to even after they told me about the huge upgrade they (Drone Logbook) are working on to make the app even more useable and a complete solution for the professional drone operator. HUGE upgrades that I am sure they don't want me giving out before next week's upgrade release. If I remember right.
I feel like I have to make this public, I have no affiliation with Drone Logbook. I've only found a small app that solves a problem for me and probably other pros.

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