1. C

    RC mod: 2 x 5,000mW (10W) booster amps.

    This is a pretty powerful mod on the Phantom 3 RC that could solve some obstruction problems:
  2. E

    Quality signal boost

    For my own and other members benefits if like to get a conversation going with some clear info about gps and or rc signal concerns Yes j browsed a bit so please don't fire back upset I've tried a lot of websites and searches in here. I'll keep it simple I live In a somewhat congested area...
  3. P

    Upgrade antenna on phantom 3 drone (bird-side upgrade)

    I'm looking to upgrade the antenna's on the phantom 3a drone itself. The stock antenna's are just the little linear polarized ones built into the legs. I would ideally like to replace the stock antennas with something like Mad Mushrooms. Anybody done this kind of mod? How do you access &...
  4. Nstrong48

    P3S Signal Booster Kit Specifally for Phantom 3 Standard

    Just hit Amazon the other day. I am new to this but been reading up on it a bit. Anyone familiar with their products? Anyone tried this one out yet?