1. DJI Phantom 3 Height Test, Top Max Altitude 4K 1250 meter with relaxing coast views

    DJI Phantom 3 Height Test, Top Max Altitude 4K 1250 meter with relaxing coast views

    This footage I dug out from a trove recorded many years ago, this flight actually was the trigger for me to decide to go into drones. At the time you could r...
  2. H

    Warning:Max Flight Altitude Reached - ruins my work, pls help.

    Hello, I do fly P4P for as long as it was available, and I did fly earlier Phantoms and other drones before, so i do have quite a bit of experience with these. But on occassion P4P gives me grief with this warning: Max Flight Altitude Reached - change in MC if required. when it happens, it is...
  3. M

    Litchi waypoint altitude transition

    Hi, I have been loving using Litchi with my Phantom 4 Advanced and my missions around the house have been going well. I just took it out on the farm (what I bought it for) and sent it on a hilly mission that I had carefully planned and double checked with Google Earth. It seems it disconnected...
  4. A

    Manatees research project using a Phantom 4

    Hello there, I am writing today because I have so many questions about drone accessories, photogrammetry and orthorectification. First of all, I have never flight a drone, but I have taken GIS and some basic clases of remote sensing, where they taught me it is necessary to have al least 4...
  5. M

    Litchi ASL altitude data?

    For years I've been using an app for programmed flights, iOS It is still good but not updated for almost a year. I bought Litchi a couple of years ago but used it only for tests. I am planning to use it more frequently. One data info that is very useful for me is the ASL (above see level)...
  6. E

    DJI GS Pro and altitude increasing on its own

    Hello, I've just started using a P4P for surveying/mapping landscapes, including streams and shorelines. I've had on and off issues with DJI GS Pro, where I create the route with a set altitude, say, 200 feet, and set the drone to fly. The drone will lift up and go to the 200 feet, and then it...
  7. J

    Any Dummy Can Fly a Drone

    For Phantom 4 Pro (and others) Every good pilot uses checklists. Regard your Phantom 4 Pro or other quality UAV as a toy and it will end up as most toys do…broken or lost. As you gain experience with this device you will come to appreciate the sophistication and planning that went into its...
  8. MTO

    Heavenly Morning Clouds

  9. B

    Disable Max AGL Limit

    I'll preface by saying... I'm NOT attempting to circumvent FAA recommendations so please don't chastise me for asking this question without seeing & understanding the context. I'm standing near the base of a +2,000-ft mountain and launching my P3P. I want to fly up the side of the mountain...
  10. Green Phantom

    Cinematic views from up high, beautiful sky and scenery

    Hi everyone, wanted to share with you all my latest video. Not made one in a while so wanted to make something really nice. Comments welcome as always. loved how it turned out, done a few new things in this video i have never done before. This is all thanks to watching other videos and advise...
  11. B

    Top Altitude Definition???

    Howdy folks from the great southern state of Tennessee!!! I'm hoping you can help me with something. I've searched the forums for some insight to this topic but can't find anything. On the flight log page of the my DJI GO app, there is a heading for "Top Altitude". What is that referring...
  12. chatikib

    Poi setting in Litchi

    Can anyone explain to me what the poi settings mean in Litchi. In my example (see print) is my first waypoint (start of the mission) on a altitude of 18 m. Or do they mean the first waypoint who is focussed to this waypoint (that is 30 m.). And what does this men: "Ground Elevation: -3m (0m...
  13. P

    Waypoints in-flight recording on Litchi

    Hello friends, I have a couple of questions on how Litchi works with Waypoints recording. I mean flying the drone at-place, adjusting the gimbal and recording the waypoint there for you to come back later and do the mission. 1. Does Litchi record X,Y,Z parameters with "actual" altitude? I...
  14. dick

    hello, i have phantom 2v+ and having problems reaching an altitude of over 110m. when i turn control

    sorry, when i turn the controls on it beeps 2x. is that FCC? if so, why am i told to go home as soon as i reach 110m. in other words, how can i get more altitude out of my drone. thanks, I'm new to this.
  15. M

    Absolute altitude

    I was flying over a beach. Looking at P4P metadata i found Absolute Altitude = 42m below sea level, so it seems I was diving :) Relative altitude refered to home point altitude was okay Is it possible to calibrate barometer/GPS to get more accurate data? Compass is already calibrated and GO4...
  16. S

    Litchi waypoint altitude bumps

    Hello FIrst post, so hello everybody. I've just started flying Litchi waypoint missions with my Phantom 3 Pro and an iPad Air 2. I'm flying straight from one waypoint to a second, both set to the same altitude. Everything goes fine apart from 'bumps' in altitude along the way. The drone...
  17. C

    How High Can The P3S Go With Litchi App?

    So I bought the Litchi app because im able to get great video at distances that the P3S cant reach. Ive only eve been able to get my P3S to about 400ft. I want to get a little bit higher so I can get some nice footage. I thought if I were to set a waypoint for about 600ft, would that be safe? I...
  18. S

    DJI Go 4 reporting incorrect altitude readings causing shaky landings?

    Today, I had several flights where I maintained low altitude for most of the flight's duration. I was on flat ground with no slope or change in altitude, taking off and landing from the same place. I noticed about 3 minutes into the flight, after flying around about 3-4' AGL, the altimeter on...
  19. W

    P3 Adv - Problems Holding Altitude

    My P3/Adv has become quirky at low altitudes - anything below 10 or 12 feet. Sometimes when hovering at 4 or 6 ft, it will drop all the way to surface. Is this a malfunction of the VPS? Will turning it off resolve this issue? Suggestions appreciated. BT
  20. R

    Max Altitude Exceeded on RTH

    Hi everyone, First-time poster and new (received November 30th) Phantom 4 Pro owner here. Several days ago, I experienced some unexpected behavior from the drone when I attempted to RTH, and I was hoping someone might be able to help me figure out what happened so I can prevent it from...