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    Enclosed props for safety & durability

    I had one of those prop cages for Mavic. They use smaller props and significantly reduce performance but there are situations where they may be appropriate, like near tiny tree ("drone magnets") branches.
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    Pay for regular ground photos, free drone photos, no P107

    Has nothing to do with exchange of money. If it's for commercial benefit, 107 is needed. Even if a realtor uses a drone for his/her own listings, 107 required.
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    Litchi Mission Gone Bad

    Yes the State Farm policy is amazing however they would not renew my policy within the year was over because I had filed a claim. I have my auto policy with them and my homeowners policy with them but they would not renew my personal property insurance that covered my drones.
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    Phantom 4 pro with Flir vue pro & pro R

    I suggest that you look into Inspire 2
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    I find a crane

    So, what's your point?
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    Phantom Rain - Why you should hand catch every single time you land your drone .

    Do you offer a military discount? Where does this ship from?
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    Shout out to Marco Polo Recovery System

    I am curious if the obstacle avoidance (dynamic) would have or could have prevented this disaster.
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    Litchi Mission Gone Bad

    Question, if this was a P4P, would obstacle avoidance prevented this disaster?
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    Charging Phantom 4 Pro batteries in the "field"

    I think I have a few crude videos on Facebook...of my solar I usually, almost never, go "on-the'road". I just shoot, for the most part, in NYC, CT, Westchester etc... Usually less than 45 minutes from home. I mainly use P4P for real estate...
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    Charging Phantom 4 Pro batteries in the "field"

    I don'ty spend any time at all on the Mains. All of my power stations/battery banks are 100% charged by solar. I have Goal Zero Boulder 200 Briefcase, 2X Boulder 100 Briefcase, 3X Boulder 50 and several "folding" solar panels. I also have Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium and Yeti 400 Lithium. But...
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    Charging Phantom 4 Pro batteries in the "field"

    Here's my review of the Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC, which is compact, weighs 2 pounds and charges charges the Phantom 4 batteries without a hiccup. This also compares the Sherpa100AC to similar power banks. I was not compensated in any way for this review or posting. The Goal Zero Sherpa 110AC...
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    Flying in New York City

    After I didn’t receive anything informative to my original post, I did my own extensive research and ended up with a very positive experience which I posted the details on.
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    Flying in New York City

    Please re-read my original post. Yes that's what it says on NYC web site. It is not a "law" it is a "Policy". As you can see from my post, when you re-read it, I first obtained FAA "OK, go ahead and have fun", then called the desk Sgt at local NYPD precinct who knew what he was doing and...
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    Flying in New York City

    ATC, as far as I know, controls its airspace. The controlling authority in my case was LGA Tower. If they give a "go ahead and have fun", I am and was comfortable.
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    Flying in New York City

    As to near airports, just like OUTSIDE of NYC, you advise the appropriate controlling authority and unless they say otherwise you are good to go. As I did, I would also notify the appropriate NYPD precinct after you get FAA "good to go". I am referring to HOBBYIST not under 107.