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    Parabolic range extenders. Do they really work?

    Don't know why they didn't work on your p4 but they work great on my p3p.... I get 2 miles easy..but you have to keep them pointed at the bird.
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    Standard SD cards failing

    Hi..glad you got your card working.. I have had a bad run of scan disk micro sd cards.. I have lost hundreds of photos and video to file corruption on them...on 3 different and a dash cam.... from now on I buy high end cards..they cost more but they haven't failed...
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    4,000+ Miles Flown---Anyone Have More?

    Wow you have flown 4000 miles with the p4 that's amazing.
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    I like it!
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    Look what I found

    Even if it costs 250 to get back into the air your money ahead..
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    P3P for trade

    This is the Garrett AT kit...thanks for trying to help. I really appreciate it....HAPPY HOLIDAYS
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    P3P for trade

    I have a Phantom 3 Pro kit for trade for a Garret AT pro or an AT Gold metal detector kit . My p3p has older firmware..was only updated once in early 2016 . So none of the headaches with geo fences and height limits. I have allot of accessories too. Wind surfer distance improver and prop...
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    My hobby is women...very very very expensive hobby
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    Phantom Wetsuit - Crushes 26 minutes of Rain - lightning and Thunder.

    I agree with the majority..there's no way that some moisture didn't enter into the body..that's a hard rain and the prop wash would be terrible..I think if you took the bird apart and sprayed with water proofing like camp dry or something then maybe Just Maybe it may survive one such encounter
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    Gonna shoot a 360° of the eclipse...

    Well if you already have a good lens you just need a polarizing filter...the higher the number the better when shooting the sun..I used a standard 55-200mm zoom lens.
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    Gonna shoot a 360° of the eclipse...

    I used a 0-200 nd filter on my 35mm digital camera and the sun was still too bright for that. I tried shutting the aperture but I could not find the correct settings...I did get some photos of it but they are blue in color and everything except the sun is blacked out...I assume that's because I...
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    Gonna shoot a 360° of the eclipse...

    So how did it go shooting the eclipse? I couldn't do it..sun too high in sky
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    Ahhh Man.. My P3P is 2.4 ghz it will handle 10000 ft with altitude of 400 easy..I only use the 4 inch wind surfer. I have the 30 freq hack so I get the best channel available at any time. Still running ole ver..won't let it update...not going through all that.. My advise is add a...
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    My best picture yet.

    Wow that's awesome