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    Anyone replace part 19 camera ribbon on 3 pro?

    The two connectors, if I recall correctly is up at the gimbal base? You can lift the bearing off the gimbal shaft to remove it, and then remove the entire cover to have better access to the circuit board, I think they're the standard lock in connectors just like the rest!
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    Has Anyone Found A Replacement Prop Removal Wrench?

    Your answer is above. I'm curious though, how did they come to be so tight you needed the wrench? Was it really hot or something? Mine are always just a light twist on to maybe a few ft-lbs torque and I've had no issues removing them with a few hundred flights under my belt...
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    P3P flying w/out camera question ami st

    Some of these answers are really dicky.. If you want to remove the camera for your own peace of mind, go right ahead! It's very simple to remove the safety pins, vibration dampeners and ribbon cable. You should still connect a tablet to the controller though, as the software provides all your...
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    Slightly customised...

    I hate to break it to you, but your "landing skegs" have 4 points of contact just like these four legs... Not sure what kind of surfaces your landing on that absorb so much that the rest of the legs are skidding, but I'm much more at ease landing on a solid surface where your theory just...
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    Slightly customised...

    I wanted to use plastidip, but it was taken by airline security on my way to site :( Had to make do with matt black paint! Seeing Walker16's above makes me even more glad I made the final mod that nobody has noticed. Be gone with the never used USB port on the front! I'm honestly not...
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    Slightly customised...

    Yes, yes and yes... The last one is a bit subtle, but would have bugged the hell out of me if I'd left it with the colour change...
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    Slightly customised...

    Who wants to play spot the difference? :)
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    Phantom 3 customization

    Full customisation work in progress, but being in the middle of nowhere and working 14 hours a day doesn't help progress! The plan is to have something nobody else has, including physical modifications to the shell [emoji3]
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    Cheap, strong case in Australia

    While this is a good idea, your still placing pressure on the rotors. I cut the stock foam down so it only places pressure on the body of the GPS, that way the arms can never be pressed downward! [emoji3]
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    I just switched from Note 3 to Ipad Air 2

    A bit choppy if there was too much going on Jim! Sitting still watching a target is ok, but once you start moving around, it jumps a bit!
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    I just switched from Note 3 to Ipad Air 2

    I've just bought an iPad Air 2 myself, and am upgrading from an iPhone 5S... This iPad is amazing, I cannot wait to fly!!
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    Let's say you crashes and your camera fell off...

    Just do this... I've got myself some plastic epoxy, primer, sand paper and plastidip today... let the customizing fun begin! I hope the hotel don't mind me using the bathroom as a spray booth... lol
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    Crashed phantom over $1000? Really?

    Done! It's back on, now go pick up a bargain for yourselves! :) I won't link it in case that's not aloud.
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    Crashed phantom over $1000? Really?

    But what if it doesn't? I've never used Ebay enough to know how to set a reserve etc...