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    Minnesota - Area Code 952 - 651 - 612 Meetups & Flyins

    At Minus 13 this AM I will be happy if the car starts
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    Samsung galaxy tab 2

    I know of another that has issues with the mapping on a Samsung.
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    Same as what I have. Have you done a long format on the computer to make sure its clean? I know the fat32 on smaller cards is what works without issue for updates. Maybe someone can offer better knowledge to using exFAT for the larger cards
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    Autel X-Star Premium Big Discount

    Another Prime deal is the Transcend 32 Gb micro card class 10 for $7
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    Autel X-Star Premium Big Discount

    Found it, 5 left
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    Autel X-Star Premium Big Discount

    All I get is 899 at 10;14cst even if I click Prime offer
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    DJI GO Compatible Tablets

    The K1 is-would be easier to do screen capture and with its hdmi output be easier to view on a bigger screen. Both Ipad and the K1 have processors geared towards video. I would have gotten a K1 but they were out of stock at BB, B&H, and Newegg in April. My original Ipad pretty much gave up a...
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    DJI GO Compatible Tablets

    That's what I had to do for a Samsung Pro 8.1.(has a power hungry 2.3 quad core) Works very well. Put it in a Otterbox defender case that are cheap to be had as the Sammy was not a current model.
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    Cheerson CX-20 with Telemetry, Brushless Gimbal, and Carbon Fiber Landing Gear

    Hope you get fixed up. $300 does not go far medically. I got a quote for two fillings for $325 and the cleaning with a couple pictures was $225. Thinking of medical tourism this fall. Gearbest having flash sale on the UAV for $190 after s&h and a pretty good offer for 3d camera gimbal. Best of...
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    Cheerson CX-20 with Telemetry, Brushless Gimbal, and Carbon Fiber Landing Gear

    Great promo on the package but I didn't see the price?
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    Crashed into pool - a few questions. . .

    I would rinse again to hopefully minimize the effects of Cl or Bromine and other dissolved solids. Distilled water then a quick rinse with the fast drying methanol-gas line antifreeze water absorbent. Can be found in automotive stores. Then a good means of blow drying and slow drying. Best of...
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    DJI GO Compatible Tablets

    With the near biweekly updates and the fact the cpu has to be pretty good to process the video stream I wouldn't doubt that a sub $200 tablet would work:(
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    Phantom 3 Advanced, gimbal damaged, FS

    This thread has great potential for getting sidetracked:)
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    Repair service ?

    I have had several conversations with hunch-UAV repair and have had others recommend his work. Bit busy now. How did the Crow fair?
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    Brand new sealed phantom 4 1250 shipped to U.S.

    I have bought batteries from him as well