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    Litchi Mission Hub Online Elevation Waaaaaay Off!!

    Does anybody know how or where to download a Digital Elevation Model for Litchi Mission Hub?? When I try to import a kml file into Mission Hub it tells me to download a DEM or use the online elevation. The online elevation is way off and I'm hoping to get advice on how to download and install a...
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    Litchi Mission Hub Online Elevation Waaaaaay Off!!

    Does anybody have an issue with using the Litchi Mission Hub online elevation??? Mine currently says 409,793 feet!!!! [Edited by ADMIN ]So When I try to import the 3d kml file into google earth to see my path, the elevation is not the height of the waypoints in litchi mission hub. The path from...
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    Drone Insurance

    Isn't the coverage for hobby only?
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    Litchi Pano for dronebase missions?

    Do you setup the panorama for each angle of the camera or can you set that too in litchi before you takeoff?
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    Has anyone used this tablet with DJI Go 4??

    I was looking to get an Asus Zenpad Z8 7.9". Has anybody tried or used one of these tablets with the DJI Go 4 app? It has an Octa-core processor and 3gb of ram. I figured that's plenty and more...
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    It was good, P3S!

    Thats what insurance is for....
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    Any tablets for $100 or less work well?

    Looking for a cheap tablet that would work with the P4P if anybody knows what would work best?
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    It was good, P3S!

    I ordered a P4P yesterday. Just sold my P3S... It was a great piece of equipment. Had a ton of fun and have taken beautiful photos and video with it. Had the chance to upgrade and did it before it was too late. Lol. Anyways, how does everyone like the P3S as a gateway into the higher-end drone...
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    Upgraded to P4P!

    I just purchased a P4P online. Now the waiting game ensues... Lol. I upgraded from a P3S. I'm super excited. Can't wait to see the drastic differences. Anything about the P4P that is good to know? T.I.A.
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    P4P or P4A?

    And is that the only real difference? Do they fly the same and have the exact same features?
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    P4P or P4A?

    So is it worth saving $300 in the end? I hope so! Lol.
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    P4P or P4A?

    I'm really debating between the two where the P4P is $1499 and a P4A I found for $1199. Is it worth the $300 savings to not worry about side sensors and a 5.8ghz frequency?? I want a p4 for the camera mainly.
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    WiFi signal range

    Are you using a cell phone?
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    Video signal is much less choppy! Quick fix!

    Hope this is helping!
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    Video signal is much less choppy! Quick fix!

    I just recently started putting my phone into airplane mode when I fly my P3S. It has worked wonders on cutting down the video signal cutting in and out. No matter how close it used to be, I'd get a choppy signal to my screen on my phone.