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  • Can you tell me why my P4P+ does not upgrade to 12/25/17 V01.05.0300 new panoramas modes the r.c. »saying » latest version!!!
    My Phantom 3 Standard crashede from 2 meters in to a building made of wood, and after that the controller lost the connection - I recinnected the controller, but after that it seams that it take longer to connect the controller to the drone. Has anyone a semmilar problem???
    If my home point says altitude 162 and I want my rth altitude to be 50 m do I add the 162 ft and the 50 m to get what I want or just put the 50 m in for the setting
    Msinger I have a question for you my friend. I have a set of Samsung goggles for the Galaxy S8 Plus phone will they work?
    Or have you seen anyone ask this question before?
    Currently I have loaded DJI software and Litchie and every time I start it up it reboots my phone why?
    Mike, can you tell me what the charge amperage is on the Cree Strobes? I have a 500ma, a 750ma, a 1A and a 2Amp wall charger that I could use for these. I don't want to exceed the charge rate. I am guessing that the 750ma or 1 amp would be fine.
    Hello, brand new to this forum. My question is there a Phantom 5 soon to be released and if so will it be worth the wait in compare to the Phantom 4 pro ? and last is the Pro Plus screen worth the money and time to a iPhone 7 display?
    can you help. I cant change my fpm on my P4 camera since the change. it is on 24fpm and i cant get it back to 30fpm. it doesn't even show the two choices. HELP
    Hi, in the thread "Phones that work well with DJI GO and the Mavic" you say The remote controller mount can only hold devices that are up to 6.29 inches tall" .. but I have been using a Google Nexus 7 (2013) with no problems .. its corners go into the openings in the clamps and the whole fits snugly against the controller. It is 20cm tall (7 7/8 inches). So where does the 6.29 number come from?
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