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  • I saw something you had written today written regarding the best settings for tablets and controller but i cannot find it again. Where was it?
    I use an LG G3 to fly my P3A, when I'm in function mode how can I access the IOC functions? I can't seem to find it on my display.
    Hey Mike, bobmyers advised me to contact you in regard to the cost of replacing the shell on my P3A. Bob said one of the motors might have been messed up on the mounting section. I live in Henderson, NV and I am curious of worse-case turn-around time also. I also have a new shell arriving this Fri. Thank You Mike.. Al T
    I am looking for a mini hdmi to micro hdmi cable about 3 ft long to plug into goggles. Be nice if the micro plug was angled. I can get by with adapters, but would buy a single cable if I could find on. Also, the micro going to the goggles would need to be a ninety degree male plug. Do you have any links or sources for that type of cable or know what others are using.

    Thanks for all your help!
    Thanks for the link to the video. It was most helpful to confirm my Alzheimer's was not a factor. I did have them correct but found a couple of wire routing issues on the shield that I neglected. Thanks again, Gary
    ms saw a video of u as to follow object like the idea of what u did on your tx whath was a cardboard? like to use ur system love to film runners and bikers ,
    Thanks Mariano
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