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    First Crash! (with video)

    Well, title tells it all! I was flying casually today and after 13 mins I decided to bring back my aircraft, and suddenly I had a compass error, out of nowhere. The bird fell from 20-25m approximately, and thanks to my good luck it is unharmed. Just a lot of mu to remove and some minor...
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    Which is the most reliable firmware release

    Give some mods a try! the P3S might surpise you! Out of the box my P3S was having problems at 150-200m ... now I can do whatever a Pro/advanced does, but like you say, I enjoy Overclocking computers and doing extra mods to my hardware. To each its own.
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    Which is the most reliable firmware release

    Im using 1.5.7 and I get 3.5km with Argtek antennas and I can reach 500m altitude with no problems.
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    Testing my new 2w Amp. (New range personal Record 11,158ft)

    Hi Rob: I boosted the 5.8ghz with the 2w amp and boosted the 2.4ghz with the 27dbm mod. My Phantom is a Standard with firmaware 1.5.7 and ARGtek Antennas. I you are just going for distance, may I suggest getting a Flat Panel Atnenna for the 5.8ghz, Ive heard It works much better. Im getting...
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    Testing my new 2w Amp. (New range personal Record 11,158ft)

    Well Just got home after testing my new amp, that I got on Ebay for 20 bucks, pretty cool gadget for the prices. I got an increase of 1.5km and that with an omnidirectional antenna, for my next try im using a Flat panel antenna an try to get to the 5km mark. Anyway here is the video.
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    sexiest photos you have taken with P3S.

    P is for Puebla where I live.
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    P3S range...

    While DBS its really a better DIRECTIONAL antenna , ARGtek its not that bad for the price. I have both and if you are looking for 2 or 3 KM in range there is no reason to waste your money, ARGtek will work just fine. BUT if you have the extra bucks go right ahead and buy the DBS. Cheers and...
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    Argtek mod... garbage?

    Argteck antennas are pretty good if you got the real ones. (lots of knockoffs on ebay), I was only gettin 450-480m with stock antenna, after Argteck I can reach 2,200m (7200feet). Be sure to downgrade to 1.5.7 and check for antennas and other sources of interference. A good antenna will perform...
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    I've used search and need more info - bird side antenna mods

    On the remote side for range only , the way to go for the 5.8ghz is 10 turn (or more) Helical Antenna with an amp. For the video 2.4ghz flat panels are enough imo. Same on the Bird, 5.8ghz recivers dont really need any mods, the real problem are the 2.4ghz panels that arent bad, just...
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    Buy 2 Standards instead of 1 Advanced

    May I suggest a P3 4k and stock it like a champ! 2 extra batteries, car charger, Argtek antennas, a nice hardshell backpack, extra blades, some filters for the camera. And some nice cow stickers hehehe. just my 2 cents.
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    sexiest photos you have taken with P3S.

    One 1600ft up !
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    Quick test of 5.8 amp

    That is awesome, I hope i can get similar results with mine. What are you using to power the amp/?
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    After market batterys

    This is good to know, I bought one 2 weeks ago and Im waiting for it to arrive.
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    New personal record! (range)

    Hi all, well this morning with the help of my new ARGtek antennas I was able to reach 7277 feet or 2218m ! I wanted to share the video =D
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    Beanfield Crash!

    hahaha worth it if you ask me, nice shot! (amazing colors!) And glad to hear your bird is ok!