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Zenmuse + upgrade board+ 5.8 downlink wiring finished.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike1390, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Mike1390

    Sep 21, 2013
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    Alight guys I picked up my 5.8 DJI downlink today and after some serious soldering, and tinkering I figured it out.

    Step one take the transmitter wire and strip it and cut in half just below where the 8pin and battery split into 2.

    You should now see a multitude of wires, purple,brown,red/black,green,white,gray,yellow.

    If soldiering to the board like I did take the green & white wire twist together and solder to a red power point.
    then take the black and yellow wires, strip, twist and solder to the ground.

    next is the video wire harness provided by DJI with the Zenmuse.

    Take the gray wire that you just exposed and solder it to the yellow wire on the 3 wire harness,
    next take the purple wire and solder to the brown wire from harness (this is the ground)
    The red wire is not used.

    There are a couple wires not used in the transmitter out harness (brown,red/black)

    after I cut and striped my wires I brought them through the front right leg hole (looks awesome and super clean no wires hanging super professional).

    My FPV works great, I apologize for not taking pics as I was going I know it would have helped but at least you now don't have to cut your wires blind like I did.

    Any questions just ask the reason I posted this half ***ed how to was I looked everywhere to figure out how and couldn't find anything and because DJI hasnt made a direct connect harness yet its a lot of work. Hope this helps.
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