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Wi-fi Replacement Module Question

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by Skynet1, May 12, 2015.

  1. Skynet1

    Apr 20, 2014
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    Has anyone recently replaced their original Wi-Fi Tx module with the newer ventilated version and found it necessary to update to a specific firmware, or specific version of the DJI camera App. in order for it to function as expected.
    I ask this as I'm not quite sure the NEW module I've purchased is not simply defective as received or something else may be causing it to malfunction. I had decided to change out the module, a fairly straight forward process, ( round pegs in the round holes, etc) : ) after all said and done developed new issues, the camera now opens, but will not respond to Up/Down commands using the DJI App. touch screen control method on an older version of the camera App, nor am I able to receive all necessary telemetry info. with the exception of the Wi-fi signal strength, and extender battery % values, all other telemetry is unavailable.

    The device I'm using a ( Nexus 7 2013 ) has always been used in the past with no issues, as I've found this device, and camera App works fine with another Phantom model and activating the camera on that particular model.
    I've tried uninstalled/ re-installed the DJI Camera App., force closed all open apps., rebooted model and tablet. I've successfully re-bound new video module to the SSID of extender.
    All wiring is OK, and plugged into respective connection sockets firmly.
    Wondering if I've missed something? I'm thinking of returning the video tx module for possible replacement unit, but wanted to cover all the bases before going thru the removal and return process.
    Again, just thinking I may have missed something in the replacement process. :oops: Thoughts!
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  2. Mako79

    May 16, 2014
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    Sydney Australia
    If the camera isn't moving up/down and missing telemetry data then its highly likely the 4 pin connector not seated firmly. There are 3 cables from the phantom to the gimbal board. Unplug all 3 and inspect and make sure the pins sit firmly, esp the 4 pin clip in.

    And btw...
    Why did you replace the wifi module? Did you crash and get FPV connection issues? Your module could be in working order. It might have been the 4 pin connector-gremlin.
  3. Skynet1

    Apr 20, 2014
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    Thanks Mako, The replacement of the original module was as a result of repeated instances of failure of the camera to connect despite sufficient Wi-fi connection as indicated by the Green LED light on the DJI camera App. Having said that I had still received the below message when attemting to open the camera. "Unfortunately DJI Vision has stopped"

    After finding the procedure of uninstalling & re-installing the App had proved only to temporarily correct the issue with the camera generally unreliable, I had decided to simply try replacing the video module, a long standing issue covered quite a bit on the various forums as it relates to overheating of the module and ultimate failure of video imaging, rectified mostly by replacement of another, a newer vented version of the module, and one which I too had thought may have been the causation.
    No, the model has never been crashed or experienced what may had been considered a hard landing during the last 13 months.

    Btw, all connectors mentioned have repeately been checked and found securely attached. At this point I can't say for certain , but this may merely be a defective unit I purchased .
    I had presented the question here to discover if anyone may have experienced a similar issue as described in my OP and whether or not additional steps may have been required other than the basic removal/replacement of the unit and routine binding process of camera/video module to extender.
    I had thought someone may have had some further insight into this concern, if for no other reason than to verify the steps I had taken were generally sufficient and complete to generally resolve connection issues of the video camera on the P2V+.
    Thanks again for your timely response.
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