why isn't there a westcoast section?

seriously though!

im in california. is there no love for us out here?

Tons of love! The threads are just split into Northwest and Southwest. If you're on the dividing line that you can get love from both! :D
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Try Southwest, not the airline. I am in Orange County, almost as south and west as you can get.
thanks a lot! i found a HUGE RC airpark in Van guys called "apollo RC airfield" its near balboa lake. They have sections for every type of RC including quads. I met with some folks there once, many had some homemade quads which was very interesting. Any of you heard of this park?
I have heard of it. Only concern is that it is really close to Van Nuys airport. It may be a no fly zone for the Phantom.
Phreak, where in Orange County are you? My in-laws are in Yorba Linda and I am there all the time? I'm looking for someone to fly with

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