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  1. PeterW_R

    Jun 1, 2014
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    Hello all,

    After experiencing issues using DJI GO to upgrate my P4 to firmware version 2.8.3 I decided to give DJI Assistant 2 for Windows a shot today.

    The drone upgraded fine, but when I tried fliying it indoors a weird message appeared indicating firmware version missmatch between the drone and the flight controller.

    I noticed that only the two midle leds of the DJI intelligent battery where lit on during the drone flight, and the battery leds where blinking! DJI app showed criticall low voltage warning, but the battery reported to be at 80% moments before.

    Naturaly I landed my drone and went back to DJI GO app, the app was reporting firmware update in process, but the process appeared to be frozen.

    I've now closed DJI GO APP, reset my iPhone and also my drone and RC controller.

    Everything appears to be working fine, the About screens report the following:

    App: Version 2.8.3
    Aircraft: Version 01.01.0411
    Remote Controller: Version 1.6.0

    Could you please confirm I've got the latest firmware version of my drone and the remote controller? any guess of what went wrong?

    I'm glad that I've checked this indoors before the first flight! :p
  2. r62ewa

    Mar 30, 2016
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    Sounds like it could have been your battery firmware was upgrading? Was this the first time you used the battery since upgrading your AC to the latest version? If you upgraded your AC and hadn't used one of your batteries with it yet you will get the message that an Incompatible Device is detected, which means you need to upgrade the battery firmware.
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  3. drone50

    Jan 6, 2016
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    Mine did that same thing. The mismatch software popped up several times. It would download a new one and the need to do it again few days later.

    Not sure what the voltage stuff was but I got that too. Kinda scary cause that's what malfunctions are made of

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  4. The-CROW

    May 2, 2016
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    I had the same problem yesterday:
    In total I have 3 batteries, one was in the drone when I updated the firmware couple of weeks ago and haven't flown since.
    Yesterday I charged all batteries and went out to fly. I must have inserted battery 2 or 3 and I got the same warning, I selected the update button on the screen and the process seemed to freeze. I turned everything off and then back on to be greeted with a "Update Complete" message. I took off and flew the whole battery and landed afterwards. I inserted battery 3 and the same thing happened, so I did exactly the same thing and it worked normally. After that I inserted battery 1 and all was fine, no warning nothing. All in all it all was fine.
    So I think that warning was for the batteries that weren't in the drone when I updated the firmware couple of weeks ago. I'm glad everything worked fine though!
  5. RémyHeli

    May 23, 2016
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    Was certainly the battery If message was about "device" to be updated with slide button to process. Good practice to put all batteries in Phantom while upgrading, each battery having own firmware (otherwise might ask during further battery swap)

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