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You nailed it again! Beautiful scenery, colors, flying and edit. I really really enjoyed watching every seconds of it. I have a few questions:
1) Which editing software?
2) Camera settings?
3) Did you use any LUTs for this footage?

Thanks for sharing this video with us!
Thank you very much for your comments!! and trying to reply to your questions:

1.- Adobe After Effects for video transitions and Davinci Resolve for edition
2.- D-Log, custom +1/0/0, everything in manual mode and polarized 16 ND. It was a complicated day as sometimes the sun was shining and a little bit later, covered by clouds, again shining, ...
3.- Yes, a free LUT was used for based colour grading, it was modified and created a new one with final settings. If you're interested, I can send to you.

Again, thanks for your comments and interest!!
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Thanks for the details. How do you compare D-Cine and D-Log? I have seen several bad comments about D-Log profile but your footage is very nice. I think I should try D-Log. I would appreciate it if you send me the LUT.
I think D-Log can be superior with perfect light configuration in camera but as soon as camera is oversaturated or under, you get a pretty amount of artefacts in small things in movement (grass, trees, image seen
trough a fence, ...etc). But I think this is a very subjective opinion, it's very difficult compare.

Send me a PM to tell me how to send you the LUTs
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Surprising, in this scene was very easy to add the effect. Yes, the result looks very well but making the images at the beginning of the scene to look with very low definition.

I'm sending you LUTs a soon I will be with home laptop.
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