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  2. fotografiko

    Photography and photomerge

    Last week I was on a golf camp, take this series of shoots and use photomerge in photoshop cs6, the other two pics just to check the sensor camera, what do you think?
  3. lumbra9foto

    How to correctly import-edit-export 4k footage in Premiere Pro

    Hi guys!! the thing here is that I want to be a contributor in videoblocks and finally started to record in 4K but the problem was after that: in the computer. You see I use adobe premiere pro but don't know how to import the files correctly, the edition part its not that much of a problem but...
  4. lumbra9foto

    How long does it takes to render and export videos from P3P?

    I'm just curious about it, this past 2 days I've being recording, last night I sat and started editing, when rendering it said that would last 4 HOURS! I don't know if it takes that long to render (1080 60fps) a 4 minute video with color correcting If you have suggestions on how to edit and how...