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Video feed from P2+ to Samsung 7 Edge

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Help' started by JKaddouri, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. JKaddouri

    Jun 13, 2015
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    At times when I video or take pictures I will have live feed and all the sudden the screen freezes garbled through and the picture is Frozen.

    It's been really frustrating yesterday I did a shoot for the High School's football team, and cheerleaders.

    Throughout the day, my screen would freeze up. Everything is working perfectly perfect video feed, and then my screen locks up.

    Having 60 High School football players, and different cheerleading squads sit in the hot sun while I had to reset my phone was rather challenging. What can I do? I'll try to attach one of the pictures I took. Any feedback would be really appreciated! Cheers! John

    Also if someone could recommend which program works best flying the Phantom 2 plus I'd really appreciate that

    I am flying a Phantom 2 plus
    I'm using a Samsung 7 Edge
    DJI Phantom 2 flight software
    I also have the DJI ultimate flight Phantom
    Litchi for the P2

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  2. crash1sttime

    Oct 31, 2014
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    Manchester UK
    Answered in your other thread but as i can use cut and paste its here as well :)

    You dont say if this is a new issue or not, have you had the quad long ? did it work before, is it a new quad, did it work before on a different phone/tablet

    I would suspect the phone, i had issues with the S5 but have no issues with the S3, it may be the version of Android, all you can do is try another device to fault find the issue.

    As for which app to use, well again thats device dependant, i have a nexus 7 tablet on which litchi craps out quite often, not sure why though as it worked fine, so maybe one of the new updates to the OS has killed something. but Litchi works fine on my old S3, i have found that the only stable app is the original DJI app, and in times of need i have used that when im just shooting video or pictures.

    I would add that you should make sure that the quad and camera has all the latest updates in case that is the issue.
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