Very short newbie review of Phantom 3 Advanced




I've had a P2V+ for a few months but just couldn't resist buying the new P3.

I'd planned to wait and the trolls with their disaster stories scared me off too.

But seeing what sort of range and quality of footage I caved in and bought the P3.

And its been a total night and day upgrade - everything and I mean everything is better by significant margins.

The range on CE setting is amazing. The P2V+ - even with a booster app - could never manage more than 1.2km - and even then by 800m video was choppy and frame rates poor. In some locations - with trees and buildings I was lucky to get 500m.

The P3 can easily manage 3km in good conditions and even in poor conditions I can get over 1.2km - whereas the P2V+ could manage at best 500m in the same location.

Being able to use a tablet and getting 720p video is a massive bonus.

Image and video quality are much, much improved. I never liked the fisheye lens effect of the P2V+
Images are sharper, more constrasty and colourful compared to the P2V+

I notice that file sizes are bigger for the same video settings so my guess is compression is lower on the P3 - which helps for video quality.

I'd really been put off by some forum posts reporting "My phantom crashed in to a wall on the first flight" etc. But I suspect in 90% of cases it was either trolls of user error.

I've been using a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact table to fly with and this works very well.

The only issue I have noticed is the lens scratches easily. I've not crashed the Phantom once but after only 40km of flights its already got a small scratch on it that can't be cleaned off. I guess overtime this will increase.

Also I would have liked a printed manual and lens cap - but hardly show stoppers.

And I can't wait till my much needed extra battery arrives!

Anyway if you are undecided if its worth upgrading to a P3 - don't wait - just buy one - they truly are amazing!

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