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Very low mod values after reading Phantom Configuration file

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tiagobaracho, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. tiagobaracho

    Nov 29, 2013
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    Hi everyone...i guess this post is more about to inform than to ask....
    I have a phantom... and it was ok.... i updated to the 4.02 and next flight it was not holding position well.... holds for few seconds and begin to drift faster and faster anda faster... so i have to switch to att mode to fly back... if i switch again to GPS it holds for few seconds and then, again, begin to drift...... i did advanced calibration in the field, and also the gps calibration.. but the same thing..
    so, back home, my compass mod values around 1800....always have been there.... i tried to read the phantom configuration file...... and it suddenly change to around 250 - 350 range...
    so i tried to fix with the magnetics.... the change i was able to do with magnectics (neodimium) was from 250 - 650 tops....
    Out of the range dji specify of 1400 - 1600....
    So i knew it was not really the compass bucause it was just after reading the phantom configuration file....
    Then i tried downgrade to 4.00... unistalling assistant.. resseting configuration.,... nothing changes the MOD value......
    After more a little while, i manage somehow to get values up again... but it was around 4000-6000.... so i tried to lower with the magnectics and this time it was staying above 4000......So i tried again loading the phantom config file... and ??? guess what ? the MOD value went back to 250 - 300 range....

    I thought this configuration file had something like gains value, like a TXT file.... but it somehow changes also the mod values been read ..... for now i am trying to get back to normal... but no joy..
    have you guys had similar issue ?
  2. tiagobaracho

    Nov 29, 2013
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    Re: Very low mod values after reading Phantom Configuration

    I was able to again reset it somehow to high positive numbers, around 6000..... with a mag i was able to brin around 2000.... but if a move it it would go up to 4000 or down to 1000... si i did at this point another hand calibration and it got ( for now ) stable around 1600......
    I have yet to fly and see if now it holds position well..
    At this point, i have not read the phanton configuration file.... because if i do, i know it will go back to 300....,,

    Does anyone know what the importance of reading this configuration file ? what configuration it contains other then defaul gains ?

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