Using a UAV for roof top deliver of moss treatment?

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Oct 10, 2016
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Hey everybody. I have an idea that I'm just trying to get some feedback on and consult the experts here on UAV applications. Im in the cleaning and restoration business and a common challenge we face all the time is applying powdered zinc to the ridge lines on roofs for moss control. Most of the time, its not a big deal to get a guy up on the roof with a ladder and get it done but there is a significant number of houses were the pitch/steepness of the roof makes it a huge safety hazard to send our guys up to apply it manually.

My question to you all is whether it would be possible to accomplish this with a drone. Beyond that, does anyone know of a container that could hold a payload of zinc powder and be triggered to be opened remotely for distribution once the drone is over the ridge line of the roof?
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There was a thread similar to this a week or two ago. I don't think it came up with a drone solution...
There are already "liquid application" drones in the Ag industry so it's possible but it may not be practical. They are designed from the ground up for this purpose and as such are specialized (aka expensive). Keep in mind that in close proximity to the structure you'll get the potential for the liquid compound to be swirled around and back down along your aircraft. I've seen this happen first hand when doing a roof inspection when leaves and debris are kicked up and get pulled back into the down-wash from the rotors.

With that being said I'm sure with the right knowledge, tinker experience, and spare components laying around you can create exactly what you're asking for but I'm not sure an existing Phantom platform is the best idea. I'd start with a bare frame design and go from there.
There was a thread similar to this a week or two ago. I don't think it came up with a drone solution...
I may be crazy but maybe it's the same person just using a different login name? Odd question to just "pop" up with the OP being a new guy.
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