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  1. never88winter

    Apr 10, 2016
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    Using a table as a platform better, then launching off ground?

    I find my self launching of the snow, or wet dirt.

    Im always worried the gimbal and camera, because its so close to the ground.

    What do you think?

    I think....
    Its a good idea, to use a table, as a platform for any drone to launch off from....

    And also a tablewill keep your drone clean and away from blowing sand and debrie!

    Its better i think.


    Here's another idea:

    To balance a table and calibrate the phantom 4, on a short table.

    you can you use the ihandy carperenter App,
    to level your phantom 4 and the table.

    The Gimbal and camera depends on the horizon to keep it self leveled in the air.

    also the your pictures and videos will look better not tilted, but leveled.

    It's like a hanging picture frame,
    you walk to a picture frame and fix its orientation and its good to go.

    most importantly this App will help you, keep your drone leveled on its four corners.

    You can use an iphone App, out there, that has leveler at Apple App Store.

    When using the App... Then adust the 4 corners to level platform and use the air bubble or pendulum and your good to go also.

    make sure the table is short and close to ground, because if it tips over... Then you can possibly ruin your propellers, or get scratches on the phantom.

    By using a table platform, keeps the feet of drone away from ground, snow, water puddles and etc.

    Just balance the table with App ihandy carpenter and then do calibration then you get well balance on the Gimbal calibration and GPS calibration.


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  2. ausPHANTOM

    Apr 9, 2016
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    Melbourne, Australia
    The best thing to launch of is a level surface. This allows the gimbal and other things to calibrate properly.

    I doubt that the snow would be level so launching of another surface is probably a good idea.
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