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ultimate fpv/tx/h3 setup advice

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by project529, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. project529

    Sep 23, 2013
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    noob here with some gear questions for the experts. before i lay down the cash i want to see if i'm missing anything in the setup or if i'm running into any compatibility issues or integration challenges. also would appreciate any suggestions if people think there are better choices. i've dug around a bunch, but not 100% sure i've made the right conclusions.

    just got into quads (first rc experience). started out learning on a little syma and then got myself a phantom. i'm hooked and have been playing around a bunch with my gopro 3. probably have 5-6 hours flight time with it.

    have a couple of issues i want to address plus some new toys i want to add

    first issue is that i've had 2 flyaway incidents. first time, i did have wifi enabled on my iphone and was near an apartment complex. i was 20' away and it was 8' off the ground and it just banked hard right at full throttle and drove itself into the ground. second time i was around 300' and it did the same bank hard trick, but flipping into atti then back, i was able to recover. pretty **** scary - i don't want to hurt anyone. the prevailing wisdom on the internet seems to suggest that the dji radio isn't that great and prone to interference.

    second issue is that i struggle with orientation and control at distances. and, in particular my application is calling for flying out of visual sight. so, fpv seems to be critical.

    third, i like the idea of camera control and grabbing telemetry - especially voltage - so that i can know when to land the thing without relying on being able to see the red lights

    so, i think what i need to do is to get an fpv system, a new radio and some sensors. here's my shopping list.

    futaba 14SG mode 2 radio with r7008sb rx
    futaba external voltage sensor
    futaba atmospheric sensor
    fat shark attitude sd
    immersion rc spironet antenna
    hero3 live cable for fatshark
    zenmuse h3-2d gimbal

    my last question is whether or not i can hook up a second set of goggles or a different kind of screen with a single fat shark tx unit. i couldn't find the answer on that.

    how does my list look? anything standing out at first glance for people? anything missing? i tried to go through all of the "included in the package" lists, but who knows if i got it right.

    thanks in advance
  2. DeweyAXD

    May 31, 2013
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    Oxfordshire, UK
    Hi there

    List looks pretty good. Probably overkill actually.

    Futaba 14sg Should set you up well for the future and other craft. I assume you want this for the Sbus2 telemetry? - probably wise to say what you want to know while flying as it maybe overkill if you are just wanting it for the Phantom. Good set though.

    Gimbal - Good working Zenmuse = amazing results. Negatives are the DJI Firmware issues that plague some Phantom and some Zenmuse. If you ever intend to upgrade to a non DJI device then look for something like a Tarot or AeroZcraft as these don't depend on the NAZA to work. Zenmuse powers the GoPro too... IMO that is eating flight time and isn't really needed.
    Goggles - Good choice and yes you can plug a monitor into the goggles so you have a choice of goggles or monitor to view. A little fiddly as you have to put the goggles somewhere but it works (I use this on my Predator v2).
    Spironets - essential if you want 1km+ range. I get 1.3km on shoddy DIY made ones with the 250mw Fatshark TX. If you want more than 2km range you will probably need the 600mw Immersion TX for the goggles.

    Futaba atomopheric sensor/voltage cable - If DJI get v4.00 Firmware sorted (a big IF!) then you may not need this. If using FPV it'd be better to get EzOSD or even DJI's Mini OSD (if you can squeeze it in the shell!). That gives altitude, heading, voltage . Probably not as accurate as the Futaba for alt but again it depends why you want it. If it is to limit your flight height then the firmware 'should' work for this next time out.

    TBH with this setup you will be running a very high end kit. Almost to the point where I'd say a F450 or F550 might serve you better as an investment? Give us a little more detail on what your intentions will be for it?
  3. netphreak

    Sep 17, 2013
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    Everything looks good, but I would go with the FireBug OSD for your telemetry system. It will give you all the data you want right on your FPV monitor, and you can add an altimeter and amperage sensor for better data. The cloverleaf antennas are a must though if you want the range.
  4. boat chaser

    Jul 2, 2013
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    Fremantle, Western Australia
    you don't need the hero3 cable with the zenmuse. It is only if you have a static mount on your phantom. You can connect your zen directly to your vtx which will send your video feed to your ground receiver. I fly fpv with the gimbal for shots but I find it much better for flying with a static mount as you can see the pitch and roll through the camera.
  5. martcerv

    May 27, 2013
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    Personally I think the 14sg telemetry is overkill for a phantom especially if you intend to fly fpv with goggles. You would be much better off getting OSD so you will get some telemetry you can actually see in flight, your not going to see the radio once you put on your goggles.

    This is the main reason I just went with the 8fgs, more then enough functionality for any multicopter and the telemetry units are pretty expensive. I intend to fly mostly fpv so I would much rather have info on the screen where I will actually see it. The only real advantage I see in the the 14sg v 8fgs is telemetry and the radio is $150 more then you also need to pay extra for telemetry units and there isnt all that much room inside a phantom either.
  6. BruceTS

    Jun 8, 2013
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    Granada Hills CA
    As for My FPV system the FatShark Attitude, 600mw transmitter, spironet, TBS EZOSD, H3 are what I use on my quads.
    Immersion's TBS EZOSD puts out telemetry signal from the right audio line, that adding a cable to your FatShark and connect to you IPad or IPhone using Itelemetry app can see real time location of you quad. Unfortunately I decided that amount of gear in my Phantom was going to be just too much weight, so I currently have several TBS Discovery projects in the works and will be trying out 3 different flight controllers.
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