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Mar 24, 2016
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Hi All,

In the event of an incident (e.g. a flyaway) I would need to contact ATC to inform them of the problem.
Does anyone know of a list of the UK civil and military contact numbers for such an emergency?

Hi Howard

Because of the limited range of the drone, I believe it should only be necessary for you to contact your LOCAL air traffic control, and then only if you are operating within 5 miles of the restricted air space.
Look this link up it might help...
Unmanned Aircraft | UK Civil Aviation Authority

Thank you for replying

I am currently towards the end of qualifying and am just trying to complete the OE stage.

My examiner, who is operating as my observer, is requesting the telephone details of my local ATC at Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool civil airports and Warton, a local military airport operated by BAe.

I am finding it difficult to obtain these telephone numbers. It's ok to find the airport general numbers but I thought that in the event of a real emergency access to direct ATC control at these would be more useful.

The same would be true for other pilots throughout the UK, hence the query.

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If you purchase a 1/5 mil map they come with a list of all the ATC frequencies or look at his link:

UK Aviation Frequency Database

You need a RT license to communicate with them via VHF but if your flying near a airfield airport just google at the place and ask for ATC.

Also some small but very busy airfields are not always manned so its just pilot to pilot ish transmission stating there intentions.

Have a read of this: CAP 413: Radiotelephony Manual

But you must hold a RT license to use.

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