1. S

    Flying in class D Airspace

    Has anyone been able to get approval to fly in Class D airspace by calling the tower or are they making you get a waiver now. It sucks since the waivers take month's to even hear about. I am licensed Commercial UAS pilot but I cant seem to find a recent success story.
  2. Phil Tuggle

    Radio Suggestions? ICOM? Sporty's? Yaesu? Walmart (kidding)?

    Has anyone found a good radio for monitoring the controlled airspace and talking to ATC (especially for when you are authorized and inside/under it)? I would like to buy something new and with a warranty, but do not need all the bells and whistles like glide slope and VOR and such. Is there...
  3. Michael Thompson

    When calling the ATC for permission to fly...

    I don't really want to sound like a total kook calling in the first time. Can anyone give an example of how the call would go and how I can give them the info they want as efficiently and clearly as possible? Say I wanted to fly in Class C airspace for 20 min. Many thanks.
  4. O

    UK Air Traffic Control - Contact List

    Hi All, In the event of an incident (e.g. a flyaway) I would need to contact ATC to inform them of the problem. Does anyone know of a list of the UK civil and military contact numbers for such an emergency? Howard
  5. bicyclenut

    Positive Experience with ATC at local Airport

    As I live about a mile from a medium/small (200-300 flights a day) airport I decided it was a good idea to speak directly with management and/or the FAA control tower to determine what preferences and criteria they have for drone flying in the immediate and 5 mile range of the airport. On my...
  6. kennedye

    ATC: establishing a "mutually agreed upon operating procedure"

    One of the revisions in last year's updating of AC 91-57 talks about what to do if you regularly fly within an airport's radius (for instance, if you live there). This is different from the previous rule which required notification every time: Has anyone talked to their nearby tower about...