UAV Flying in Spain (Canary Island's)?

Jul 9, 2014
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Does anyone know what the rules are for flying a Quadcopter in Spain (which in turn will be the same for the Canary Island's) please?

Some sites I've found say you can't fly without a license for non-commercial use, others say you're ok if you stay under 100m and don't fly over urban areas and large groups of people. However it's the license bit that worries me so hoping someone can clarify this please?

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I've altered the title to include Spain because the two are part and parcel.
I'm not sure there is laws about that yet. I'm from Portugal, we border with Spain, and our laws are still in the making.
Spain is just coming out of a big recession, I don't think they thought about drones yet, but I may be wrong.
In doubt : don't get caught :)
Spain grounded all drone and model aircraft for a month last year because someone flew around Madrid city centre, it was a beautiful video but made a lot of people nervous including people in the government because of the Madrid bombings a few years back. I believe they were to bring in that you need a pilots license to fly there with an ultra light pilots license being the least type to hold. The Canary Islands even though part of Spain may be a bit more relaxed but if a Garda Civil tells you to bring it down, get it down asap because they aren't to be messed with.
Just been doing a bit of googling and it seems they have relaxed a bit in Spain, just the usual things like no urban, night time flying or around airports of course but with the canaries not being huge just remember you are never going to be too far away from an airport.
Hi Mal - yeah I saw the grounded part on the net too and saw that recent information seems to imply that each UAV needs a serial/license attached in order to fly.

However I also emailed a DJI dealer in Spain seeing as they are the ones selling Phantom 3's and would know, and they basically said as long as I'm not flying commercially then you're ok (no urban areas, etc).

Luckily I won't be anywhere near the airport and only plan to fly well away from people/urban areas (plus there's not much that can be done with one battery!). I'm not even sure I'll take it yet depending on whether I have theft insurance cover when abroad.

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I think I'd bring it myself, wouldn't miss an opportunity seeing as it just rains here all the time :)
I haven't had any issues as yet, and I doubt that you will so long as you keep your presence discreet and don't do anything to aggravate anyone. I don't know about the Canary Islands, but mainland Spain has some wonderful places to fly and the weather is usually so much better than England. The only caveat I would add is that the police force tend to be mercenary, so if they see a chance to fine you then they will.
Which Island are you planning on visiting? I went to Lanzarote last month and had an awesome time. I started off flying at the usual picture friendly places recommended in the guides but tended to attract too much attention, all friendly I might add but it was off putting. I eventually just drove around and pulled over and flew. I tried to fly in the National Park but was asked not to by a staff member. He didn't speak English so was unable to establish whether it was the law or not.
Only problem was, the islands are quite breezy, so didn't always fly as high as I would have liked to.

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