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The real heart of the matter is that people are luddites

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Suburban Hippie, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. The Suburban Hippie

    Dec 26, 2014
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    Listen we go back and forth on why this and why that, but in reality there really is no valid reason to ban drones anywhere except inside populated cities.

    People yell at you because of "privacy concerns" and people shoot down drones for the same "reason", but at the heart of the matter is ludditism(people are afraid of technology)

    That is the real reason we have all this. The media has stirred this up, and played upon peoples natural tendency to be afraid of any new technology they can not understand.

    Having said the above.

    A. There are always inconsiderate people doing the wrong things with anything. Instead of punishing the people doing the stupid things we regulate everyone else.

    B. There is danger and risk in almost everything in life. These are dangerous things, and take responsibility. We just need to hold people accountable for their actions.

    C. When you are in a public place, you do not have a guarantee of privacy. This means on the beach as well! There are certain social etiquette that dictate you do not take a camera out on the beach and snap photos of strangers. One shouldn't assume just because there is a drone in the air that people are taking pictures of them.

    D. The HOA can do whatever they want because we all continue to bend over and take it. That is the REAL reason HOAS have so much power.

    If someone harasses you, be polite and give them some information. If they continue, and you are in the right, please firmly, yet politely stand your ground.

    Years ago photographers were constantly getting harassed after 9/11. Anyone with a camera was suspicious as being a terrorist. There were a few court cases about this.

    If you don't stand your ground, I can guarantee the privilege to fly camera drones will evaporate for anyone other than large commercial business.

    Right now Amazon is lobbying to further limit your air space. They have commercial interest and millions of dollars for lawyers and to lobby.

    They are trying to limit YOUR space to 200 feet so they can fly their fleet of drones to deliver peoples packages.

    NO ONE needs their package the same day. Two days is fine, and if you need it within a day there are services to do that.

    If you need something the same day, you can go to a local store and get it.

    UPS and Fedex need the business, and we don't need a monopoly by Amazon over everything retail. Trust me in the end, it is bad for all of us.

    Thanks for reading!
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