drone laws

  1. wataero

    Fighting Restrictive Drone Laws - Help from the ACLU

    For those who are battling restrictive drone laws driven by drone hysteria, the ACLU is on your side. The link below references an article that points out that using a drone to take pictures of government activities is a right under the 1st amendment...
  2. nsheridan19

    New City Wide Drone Ban Law

    Toms River moves to ban drones Can someone please tell me how this is legal? The FAA has complete and sole jurisdiction over the skies...
  3. M

    Siesta Key Drone Laws

    Newbie here. Heading to Siesta Key for vacation and excited to play with my new Mavic. Wondering how I can make sure it is legal and I won't get a big fine. Any suggestions or information would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. T

    Drone laws in Turkey

    Hi all, I already have a holiday planned for Turkey, more specifically Istanbul during July of this year, and I really want to take Phantom 2 Vision as I believe I can get some really cool shots of the city with it. However I am unsure of what the actual laws are in this country and the last...
  5. R

    Chicago Ordinance Still A Bit Vague....?

    Hey everyone. New member here and relatively new drone owner / operator. If interested in what I pulled for any laws or ordinances, see attached files. Appears to still be a bit vague. I called information at 311 and was transferred to the police at KORD. Neither contact had any information...
  6. glympsefromabove

    Drone Laws in Croatia

    I'm visiting Croatia now and brought my P3A. I've been researching the laws here, and it is quite difficult because most everything is in Croatian and not English. I will be flying recreationally. Does anyone have more details about what is needed to legally fly in Croatia? I'm aware to not...
  7. Michael Karp

    We surveyed 1,500 drone pilots about current U.S. regulations. Here's what they said.

    In March/April of this year, we surveyed 1,500 drone pilots about current U.S. regulations. Our goal was to get an inside look at people's opinions and habits on the state of drone laws in the U.S. and where they're going. We ended up with a bunch of interesting (and disturbing) data about...
  8. EyeWingsuit

    Drone Rules Suck (and why we want them)

    http://tinyurl.com/drone-rules-suck…And why we want UAV guidelines. The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.
  9. The Suburban Hippie

    The real heart of the matter is that people are luddites

    Listen we go back and forth on why this and why that, but in reality there really is no valid reason to ban drones anywhere except inside populated cities. People yell at you because of "privacy concerns" and people shoot down drones for the same "reason", but at the heart of the matter is...