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Aug 4, 2015
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LuvMyTJ .. This staff member has been riding my a*** since I joined and yet nothing has been done about it .. and now he shuts down a GREAT THREAD TOPIC to prove our point .. you should do your job and go after the real users that cause trouble with the power you have been given .. but ALL YOUR POSTINGS TELL THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT YOU .. WHERE IS LEADERSHIP WHEN YOU NEED IT...just-say-in...!!! ;-(
He shut it down because it went off topic, and you added gibberish to your original post, and duplicate posted gibberish in 2 other posts in the same topic. The thread basically broke 3 forum rules. He was well within his rights.
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TJ and they rest of the mod's do a great job and let us go a lot farther than we should some time's .
Maybe if you your not happy here You should just Leave :)
...just-say-in...!!! ;-)
I just came here for the cheese...
It's finnaly getting cool in San Diego, but I am going to be moving to San Fransisco in four months, darn those biotech startup's offering 6 figures and 65000 thousand shares...

Then in four if all goes well with the IPO, a few million after tax sounds nice. Oops was I off topic....I fly in weather that is comfortable to fly in. But that's just my opinion...

Just say in!!!
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@m_dazel This is posted in the wrong location and you have violated rule number 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 and 12 right off the top of my head with this post alone.
Time for a vacation to think about things and to review the rules.

Oh yeah, thread closed.
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