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Aug 29, 2014
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Lee. UK
Anyone know the name of the song that is used in so many videos for the P3, tried searching for this everywhere and looking in all the youtube descriptions with no luck. Even asked Siri but he gets it wrong. lol

Sounds like something Electric Light Orchestra would do...
Shazam suggested DJ Gregory Tropical Soundclash (K-Dope Dub), but that doesn't seem to be exactly it either. Perhaps it's a custom track.
Almost sounds like Lindsey Stirling.
According to Google its Tiesto pres Allure September Sun which appears to be incorrect. However, it seems to be a good track for a video:

There there is this one that was related (again, not the same music but might be good for a video):

Yea im thinking some sort of a remix, i will keep hunting. It will pass a bit of time anyway. Thanks again both.
Agree with the remix - seems like a lot of loops in the chorus, refrain, or whatever part it is...
Sounds original to me. The fact that shazam or google don't know what it is would also suggest that its an original track written for use in those clips and not released elsewhere. And when you think about it, from a licensing standpoint, its probably a lot cheaper to get some electronic music major to produce an original track like that than it would be to license something already released by another label.

'Hey kid, here's a couple hundred bucks, write me an action track for this video clip.'
Since this thread is about music, I wonder if copyrights are available for some of Cirque de Soleil's music. Seems like some of them would make great tracks for a good video...too expensive, I'm sure...
HiJack :)

Any of you youngin's know what the the goup is on this Video I really like the sound they have.

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