1. L

    SOLD Phantom 4 Pro V2 Complete Operating Package $1800

    I have a Phantom 4 Pro V2 complete package I'm selling. I prefer to sell it all together to reduce the hassle of multiple payers and multiple shipments. I bought this to travel out west and used it on one trip. I've had a detached retina in both eyes, so I'm getting out of drone flying. I've...
  2. M

    Crystalsky and Aomway V1

    I have a Phantom 4 Pro with Crystalsky Ultra and they work great together. What I would like to do is use my Aomway V1 goggles and I have tried so many times using both the part 54 HDMI as well as the Crystalsky HDMI without success. If I use the Part 54 then I don't get at telemetry on the...
  3. eze.lasvegas

    Use Readers? This solution works perfectly.

    I read either here or on the DJI forum about using the Carson Optical VisorMag available for $11.00 on Amazon. This works perfectly. I also use Poster Putty all the time and simply cut the top mount off the lens, a little putty to the center and PERFECTO. I typically use 1.5 readers, ordered...
  4. F

    Fat shark 400obo today

    I have for sale a pair of thought short HD3 doggles Brand-new never used batteries never opened never charged 400 or best offer ASAP located in Gwinnett county Georgia. Asap
  5. B

    New DJI Googles Most Advanced So Far?

    Perhaps I am wrong but I don't believe DJI has made googles so far. Is this the most advanced? The review has an indepth video that can really goes into detail. At the very least there are some strong details to consider.
  6. AngryBird

    Litchi VR problem

    Hi guys, I've just received vr cardboard googles and wanted to try my p3s. Connected drone as always,started Litchi app and pressed VR button on screen. Video goes in to google mode but can't control camera. I receive an error "Main control error" and camera tilts all way down. Any ideas? This...
  7. B

    Suggestions for googles for use with Phantom 4

    I'm interested in using a simple display that I can wear on my head to replace my phone as a monitor when flying FPV on my Phantom 4 because the phone screen is almost invisible in any sort of daylight! I don't want any sort of VR experience, I just want to see what the drone sees whilst...
  8. kontek

    Request For litchi to add a map with their VR mode. Your help needed

    Hi Guys, Im trying to request we get a map when in VR mode from litchi. For those of you that do not have litchi its a must app for android. check it out on the below link Litchi for DJI Phantom/Inspire Ecks from thir facebook page advised if there was a huge request litchi might consider it...