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Second Weekend With P3A...Really Impressed!

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by dtviewer, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. dtviewer

    Jul 24, 2014
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    I took my P3A out today...second weekend I've had it and I have to say I am loving it more and more. Coming from a DJI FC40 there's just no comparison.
    Last week I complained about the glare...so I ordered a supershieldz matte anti glare protector ($7 for 3 on Amazon) to try in tandem with my hoodivision padhat. After a few minutes of flying with it I thought it was dimming the screen a bit so I started to peel it off. I'm using a 8" acer tablet. When I got half of it off I was met with horrible glare, all I could see was my reflection. I left it half peeled for a couple of minutes and compared the 2 sides. Ive decided the anti glare is a must. Combined with the pad hat it's a great combo.
    Second thing, with the help of forum members who chimed in and helped me with my questions about using the telemetry on the app, I am now very confident about using the built in tools to pilot the quad. Being able to glance down at the tablet, turn the nose towards the 'H' on the telemetry part of the app, and pilot it home is nothing short of amazing. Especially when its 1000 feet away and cant see it because of all the clouds! Thanks for everyones pointers on using it!!!
    Third, I kept reading all the comments about the P3 being like a flying tripod. I thought posters were exaggerating...Nope!!! Its amazing how steady it stays even with some wind. Video and pics are fantastic!!

    The bad....second battery, when I was about 600 feet away the video on the screen froze and stayed that way until after I landed and rebooted. The app asked if I wanted to rth but I cancelled and piloted it home. Hopefully its just a fluke.
    BTW, I am not even sure what versions of software I am on as I haven't upgraded anything since receiving it. Guess I will look into that this week.
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