Recommendation of high quality antennas for DJI Phantom 4

Mar 13, 2016
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Hello drone friends!

I'm writing from Norway, and my grammar is not good, but I hope you understand the essence of what I write. I go with plans to replace my antennae on my DJI 4, and unable to find a serious test of the most popular antennas.

Most people who have changed antennas will seldom or never admit that the antennas did not satisfy desired. I have checked out these models: Windsurfer, ArgTec and FPVLR (Long Range boost version). I read page after page, but is I am not particularly wiser. This tells me nothing more than the paper it is written on. Practical use and practical experience is that I was searching for.

An optimistic question: I do not know if there is equipment to "boost" TX signals in the drone. If there is, does anyone have a link to the manufacturer? I have basic knowledge in electronics, and holds an soldering certificate from the military :rolleyes:.

I wish me good omnidirectional antennas. There is a good reason why this is type of antenna is used in walkie talkie, mobile phones, FM radio, GPS, WI-Fi, ship and full size aircraft.

I look at the FPVLR antennas, they see very impressive and purely mechanical, but are they as good as it looks? I looked on the website to FPVLR, and was not exactly impressed. They links to Facebook that otherwise is a closed forum. I did not find any installation instructions for downloading on FPVLR websites.

Maybe the best antenna system would be a combination of omnidirectional and directional. I do not even know if someone produces such antennas.

Is anyone out there who are sitting with good knowledge of antennas for RC / Drones? I would be very grateful for feedback, or links to sites that seriously write about this topic.

If I have bypassed a page related to this topic here in Phantom Pilots, so I apologize and I apologize again for my bad English grammar

Thank you in advance your assistance.

Best regards Paal
Paal, the first thing I will say is that your English and especially spelling is much better than some on these threads. Next, I have not tried any antenna mods so anything I say is from general antenna knowledge or what I have seen on this forum.

I have never seen any TX boosting mods for the AC, it is better not to add weight to the Phantom (with the possible exception of battery mods) so most of the efforts are focused on the RC.

Remember your output power from the RC is limited (and the 300C shipped with the P4 is limited most of all) so the best results are going to come from directional antennas because the omnidirectionals will waste power where it isn't needed. The main reason omnidirectionals are used in all the equipment you mention is that they need to transmit to all points of the compass where the phantom pilot has a fair idea where his craft is and can orient the RC towards it.

There are a number of threads on Phantom Pilots that discuss antenna mods from cheap "windsurfers" to rather expensive amplified setups. Some threads are nearly 100 pages and would take days to read properly, there is plenty of theory and practice in there and although most of it is done with the USA market in mind many of the developers of these setups are also spreading their wings overseas where demand warrants it.

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