1. Ripper74

    Phantom receiver 2.4 ghz tx rf c1

    Selling the receiver board and antennas for the phantom 1.1.1 25$. Plus shipping
  2. R

    WTB P3P controller for parts

    Hi guys and girls, My P3P controller was damaged on a recent trip so I'm searching for a used controller for parts. I'm looking for a receiver with the following: Housing in mint/great condition. No cracks or breaks. Antennas in perfect condition. Must be either the GL300A, B or C versions...
  3. L

    No connection to transmitter?

    My father-in-law had given me his old P2 when he got a new one recently. He took it out for a test flight to show me how it worked and it ended up crashing. Took it inside, updated all the firmware on both drone and transmitter. Took it out for a 2nd test flight and had it hovering around 20-30...
  4. Norweigan

    Recommendation of high quality antennas for DJI Phantom 4

    Hello drone friends! I'm writing from Norway, and my grammar is not good, but I hope you understand the essence of what I write. I go with plans to replace my antennae on my DJI 4, and unable to find a serious test of the most popular antennas. Most people who have changed antennas will...
  5. D

    Advise on DJI Receiver

    Hi all, After crashing my P3P a couple of times, I am looking to build a training drone to get some useful flying experience. Can anyone advise on a suitable receiver module (preferably not too pricey) that is compatible with the P3 RC?
  6. dougmckenzie

    It's Easter! Can I bring my Phantom 2 back to life? X9D+ & X8R?

    In all the forums I have searched (and there have been many :rolleyes:) the most useful contributions to the subject title have come from this one. Probably because I wasn't blinded by the science and those that are writing on the subject actually own a Phantom, not just worked on a NAZA flight...
  7. R

    Phantom v1.1.1 receiver issue

    Hello All, I am the proud owner of a new phantom 1 v1.1.1 (won it at my companies holiday party). It was brand new never flown or opened phantom. Set it up the day after the holiday party and got it off the ground no problem. I wanted to see if the go home fail safe worked for peace of mind...