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  1. Rick Allen

    Mar 21, 2016
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    Can someone tell me after I alert the local tower to my intent to fly within the 5-mile NFZ, how do I "unlock" my Phantom 4 to let me actually fly it?

    I have called the local FAA tower and everyone is cool with me operating my P4 at about 4miles from the airport - I agreed not exceed 100 feet altitude for this trial.

    But now I cannot figure out how to "unlock" the P4 to actually fly the damned thing. It just says I am in a NFZ.

    I have downloaded the new version of Assistant 2 to my Mac, but it won't let me sign in (the program simply doesn't allow text to be entered into the email address and password fields). Effectively that program is useless.

    Will the DJI GO app allow me to fly?

    Obviously, I am really confused around these DJI programs and how to interact with them...

  2. dewster

    Jan 23, 2016
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    Man...I think these overbearing limitations were caused by irresponsible pilots. I read somewhere that you have to fly in attitude mode to get around the NFZ restrictions. You'll have to acknowledge a disclaimer/warning before flight. It'll be like you are flying indoors without GPS signal. My question is: does return to home work? What about fail safes? How will your P4 react if switched into GPS mode while in flight? Sounds risky.

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