assistant 2

  1. S

    My drone and me in Russia, no internet for 2 months

    Dear Pilots, I am completely new to the forum, but not new to flying phantoms. The picture is shot with me flying a P2. This summer I will go to arctic Russia (70 degrees north) with my P4a+ to film a documentary about research on geese. As I mentioned in the title, there will be no internet or...
  2. 28wins

    Installing and using DJI Assistant 2 in Mac OS

    With a brand new look on things (first time doing this), I wasn't too impressed with the process of using DJI Assistant 2 on Mac OS X. The .dmg file for Ver. 1.0.4 is available on DJI's download page: DJI Phantom 4 – Specs, FAQ, Tutorials and Downloads and is compatible Mac OS 10.6 (Snow...
  3. R

    Q: No Fly Zones and DJI Asst2 and DJI GO apps

    Can someone tell me after I alert the local tower to my intent to fly within the 5-mile NFZ, how do I "unlock" my Phantom 4 to let me actually fly it? I have called the local FAA tower and everyone is cool with me operating my P4 at about 4miles from the airport - I agreed not exceed 100 feet...