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Apr 17, 2015
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I am the proud owner of my 3rd factory defective Parrot Bebop drone and am currently in the process of getting a full refund from the company. I love flying though and want to get something else that will be more reliable.

DJI Phantom 3 is one I've been eyeing, so I wanted to ask a few questions.

If the two P3s, I'm leaning toward the Advanced since I don't own any 4K devices and likely won't in the near future unless my 1080p TV straight up dies.

One huge gripe I have with the Parrot Bebop is that it doesn't have anywhere near the range they advertise. On each of my 3 units I got about 10-15% the advertised range. Will the P3 actually reach the advertised 2km? Or if you don't know, does the P2V+ get its advertised range?

I saw the wedding videographer ad. Impressive, but the drone is no doubt much louder than the video suggests.

Can anyone confirm that the P3 has course lock and home lock? I am very interested in course lock in particular.

And lastly, you hope you never have to find out, but how is the customer service? My experience with Parrot has been very disappointing, from advertised features that were cut, to constant defects and bugs, to extremely slow replacements. Just awful. And I don't want to go through that again with even more money on the line.

Is this a reliable product?

Thank you.
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I have owned a couple of Phantom 2 Visions for about a year and a half. I have never used any warranty since I do my own repairs. I came from the RC hobby with Heli's and had plenty of crashes and repairs. Comes with the territory. Customer service is no better here I suppose. Your best coarse is to buy from a reputable dealer rather than direct from DJI. Expect little help with normal issues other than this forum, YouTube, etc. A serious problem will usually be handled by a good dealer when first purchased and new.

As for features they continue to add to the list regularly. Updates come with some regularity. I'm very happy with my P2V's and would love to get the new P3 myself.

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Hi Karl, sorry to hear about your issues with your Bebop.

As far as range goes, I wouldn't say there are a whole of people out there that have pushed the limits to the very max but actually today we saw one of DJI's product testers push the range of the P3 to 3km! Check it out here:

The P3 will have course lock and home lock. These features should be available immediately with first batch units. If not we would expect it in one of the first couple of firmware updates.

We will not comment on DJI customer service as we will leave that for other members to comment on. Rest assured, purchasing from a reputable dealer as @Geoelectro mentioned will definitely have it's benefits.

If we can be of any further assistance just let us know or feel free to give us a call at (855) 625-2055 and we'd be happy to talk through things with you.


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