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  1. Logixal

    Jul 6, 2016
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    ok so crashed my drone a while back, sent it to be repaired (gimbal motor was shot) i told the company that there was a "motor obstruction" and im guessing they didnt fix it cuz i took off and flew around for 25 or so minutes and when i landed i immediately noticed this (see picture)


    ive tugged on the housing and it will come off with some tugging. but i slide it back on and its pretty stiff.

    it hasnt come off yet in flight and thats what im worried about. ive tried making it come off by going sports mode and whipping it around all crazy like lol and its yet to pop off.... should i be worried? i have a new motor on the way so i can just change it, but wasnt sure if i could fly it in the mean time.


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  2. Big Al KY

    Mar 6, 2016
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    Old rule of thumb..... If you are worried about it, don't fly till you get the new part in. Otherwise, you might have to send it back in for major repairs. Your call?
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