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Problems after 4.02 upgrade. GPS wants to hunt

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brad90631, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. brad90631

    May 22, 2013
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    Fellow phantom pilots, i have a problem with both my phantoms after i upgraded to the latest firmware. 4.02. the upgrade went ok, but now in GPS mode it wants to hunt. before it was rock solid. i have done the compass dance (now only 5 or 6 switch moves instead of 10) twice and still wants to hunt. Can anyone share the default compass setting. i have seen some posts a while ago about the compass #'s are off. other than hunting it seems to fly ok.

    anyone have any suggestions? both phantoms are doing the same thing.
  2. Buk


    Feb 28, 2013
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    Iowa, United States
    Sorry, this has not been my experience. Version 1 Phantom, upgraded to 4.02, warms up fine, establishes home and course, finds satellites and compass dance calibrates compass. Geo-fence works as advertised (I like the effect when speeding towards fence and it rears up as it "hits" circumference of fence). Return to home works just fine.

    Of course, I was in the middle of a rugby pitch, no trees, no buildings.
  3. natscape

    Jun 18, 2013
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    Also on 4.02 and Phantom hovers nicely on GPS mode. No difference from 4.00 or 3.16.
  4. DeweyAXD

    May 31, 2013
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    Oxfordshire, UK
    I am a little cloudy on what you mean by wanting to hunt? Are you saying the Phantom is unstable, wandering, 'toilet bowling'?

    Did you do all of these after the upgrade as well as the compass dance?:

    - reinstall the default parameters from DJI support site
    - perform an advanced calbration of the IMU
    - perform a TX calibration (worth a try just in case the default settings don't match your actual sticks).

    If these weren't done then give them all a go. If that doesn't fix it then post a Vid of what it is actually doing... easier for others to relate to a similar behaviour.

    The fact 2 Phantoms are doing it suggests a setup issue to me. Either that or magnetic interference at the flight grouond but the former seems more likely.
  5. tiagobaracho

    Nov 29, 2013
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    I have the same problem ! I had a perfect phantom on 4.00 firmware.... after updated to 4.02 its wierd...does not hold position and run out of control and i have to take it back by ATT mode...if i put in GPS mode is hold for few seconds and starts to wonder around... i will try to downgrade to 4.00...
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